Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Workout Routines

In this article, we are going to help you pick the best adjustable dumbbells out there. Based on user experience, product quality, and a bunch of other factors, we have compiled a list of the best and most accessible products you can find.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many cheap adjustable dumbbells. Most dumbbells are cast as they are, unable to adjust their weight. So, those which can be altered usually go for steeper prices. So, what are the best adjustable dumbbells out there?

9. Adjustable 25-Pound Dumbbell Set – ProForm

Normally the cheapest entry on this list, the ProForm goes for just over $70. The weights come in a Silver/Black color scheme and can weigh up to 25 pounds. They come with four plates on each side, each plate weighing no more than 2.5 pounds.

The plates are round, with slits cut into them so as to fit the bars. According to satisfied users, these dumbbells have very comfortable bars. They hardly ever cause any calluses or blisters, and each dumbbell can hold a minimum of five pounds. These may not be the best dumbbells on the market, but they are perfect for beginners.

ProForm 25-lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Set

8. Chrome-Plated Adjustable 200-Pound Dumbbell Set – New Coast LLC

One pair of these New Coast LLC dumbbells goes for about $230. Each of the dumbbells can weigh anywhere from five pounds to one hundred pounds. They are very easily adjustable in 2.5-pound increments and can be used for all kinds of workouts and exercise sessions. Made out of very high-quality cast iron, the dumbbells have a nice, chromed finish.

Each package comes with two dumbbell handles weighing five pounds each and four dumbbell collars. They also come with four 2.5-pound plates, four five-pound ones, and sixteen ten-pound plates. Some of the best rated adjustable dumbbells out there, these products are very easy to set up without any tools.

Adjustable Dumbbells Chrome Plated

7. Adjustable 65-Pound to 200-Pound Dumbbell Set – Ringstar

These Ringstar entries are available in seven different package types. A 105-pound silver set goes for $110, while a black 105-pound set with trays goes for under $105. A 65-pound black set goes for under $70, and a pack also containing trays goes for $80. Next, a black 200-pound pack goes for $196, and a silver 200-pound set goes for $230. Finally, a silver 200-pound set with trays goes for $240.

Made out of spray painted or chromed cast iron, these are some of the best adjustable dumbbells out there. They are very easily adjusted by hand, with no tools required. The trays with which some of these products come are perfect for indoor use. They are very easily set up in increments of five pounds.

Starring 65 adjustable dumbbells

6. 24-Piece Dumbbell Set – Power Block

This Power Block dumbbell is only available in black, and can weigh as much as 24 pounds. They usually go for just under $185, but they are currently on sale for no more than $155. From 3 to 24 pounds, the products can be adjusted in three-pound increments. Thanks to very effective selector pin, weights are adjusted very easily and quickly.

They are far more compact and balanced than most traditional dumbbells. Additionally, they also come with padded handles for an increased wrist protection. The product comes with a limited ten-year warranty, ensuring that they will not break down on their own. If you don’t mind the light weight, these might just be the best adjustable dumbbells for you.

PowerBlock Sport 24 Piece Dumbbell Set

5. SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single) – Bowflex

Usually going for just under $400, this dumbbell is currently on sale for under $290. It can do the work of multiple dumbbells, and it can adjust in ten-pound increments from ten pounds up to ninety. And all this can be done by just twisting a dial. One of the best adjustable dumbbells out there, this product is also quite pricey.

Each of the metal plates is surrounded by a durable mold, so as to generate a quiet and smooth exercise. A pack also comes with a DVD featuring “Secrets of the 4-Step Rep”, which includes more than thirty different exercises. According to more experienced users, the dumbbell is perfect for basic toning, strength exercises, and even heavy leg lifts.

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell

4. Elite Dumbbells – Power Block

Available in five different packs, this Power Block entry is even better than the previous one. However, it can prove somewhat difficult to operate without its instruction manual. There are three dumbbell sets available, plus two separate expansion kits. The kits are used to increase the weight from fifty to seventy pounds and from seventy to ninety. They both go for about $130.

As for the sets themselves, one fifty-pound set goes for about $300. Meanwhile, a seventy-pound set goes for around $430, and a ninety-pound one can be bought for just over $590. You can adjust your weights by 2.5-pound increments, and the kits come with a ten-year warranty. They are some of the best adjustable dumbbells you can find.

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

3. Adjustable 40-Pound Dumbbell Set – CAP Barbell

This CAP Barbell entry goes for about $50 on Amazon. It can go up to forty pounds, and the weight can be increased in 2.5-pound and five-pound increments. The pack includes two bars, four 2.5-pound plates, four five-pound plates, four collars, and a high-quality plastic storage case.

A set of these simple, yet highly effective exercise tools comes with comfort handles, ergonomic grips, and rubber trim collars. These collars are threaded, so as to ensure a secure fit to the handles. The plates are made out of a very durable cast iron and have a semi-gloss finish. They are some of the best cheap adjustable dumbbells out there.

CAP Barbell 40-pound Adjustable Dumbbell

2. SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair) – Bowflex

A pair of these dumbbells goes for about $290 on Amazon. Each one can go as low as five pounds and as high as 52.5 pounds. They have fifteen weight settings and can be adjusted in 2.5 and five-pound increments. Both experts and beginners praise these dumbbells as the best adjustable dumbbells on the market.

Offering huge versatility, this set can be used for arm and shoulder exercises, as well as for abdominal exercises. It can also be used for back, leg, and chest workouts. The dumbbells come with a two-year limited warranty on all parts, and with a one-year warranty on labor. While these products are definitely superior to most dumbbells, they are quite pricey.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

1. Adjustable 40-Pound to 60-Pound Cast Iron Dumbbell – Lion Roar Fitness – The Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Coming with the best quality to price ratio, these dumbbells are pretty versatile as well. They come in four different sizes and price ranges. A forty-pound variant usually goes for $95, but it’s currently on sale for under $43. The fifty-pound variant generally goes for $105, but is on sale for just over $53. A 52.5-pound version costs $110, but is on sale for $52. Finally, a sixty-pound version costs $120, but is on sale for $60.

These dumbbells come with a solid steel bar, which offers a long-lasting durability. The plates are made out of cast iron, and they have a semi-gloss finish to increase corrosion resistance. While not the best quality-wise, these items are, overall, the best adjustable dumbbells out there.

InfiDeals Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells

Hopefully, our list will help you pick the best adjustable dumbbells for your need. Let us know if you have any other top list requests. For other similar articles, check out the best adjustable kettlebells and the best rowing machines.

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