10 Best Aftershave Balms

An after shave balm is paramount for men skincare. The sharp edges and cream can leave the surface sensitive and prone to injury. Therefore, picking the best aftershave balm can provide you with a clean and fresh sensation after grooming. Whether you need an aftershave lotion for sensitive skin or the best smelling balm out there, there’s a solution for everyone. We chose a wide array of product types and ranked them according to quality to price ratio and efficiency.

10. Urban Nomads Aftershave Lotion and Balm

Urban Nomads After ShaveThis Urban Nomads after shave lotion is available in two variants. A regular bottle of the balm goes for $20, and a pack including shaving gel goes for about $29. Coming in an amber glass bottle, this ultra-refreshing shave balm is an anti-itch, anti-razor burn soothing moisturizer. Other than smelling great, it’s also a leave-in conditioner for your beard. Aromatic ingredients with which this best aftershave balm consists of are shea butter, coconut, aloe vera, eucalyptus, peppermint, sweet and bitter orange, mandarin, lemon. In addition, it contains vitamins C and E. Made out of 100% organic essential oils and ingredients, the post shave balm is also completely animal cruelty-free. Additionally, it’s paraben-free and has naturally disinfecting bergamot and Moroccan Argan Oil as an ingredient.

9. Barberry Coast Shave Co. Aftershave Balm and Post-Shave Moisturizer

Barberry Coast Shave Co. Lavender Royale AftershaveUsually going for $48, this aftershave balm is currently on sale for $33. Light, non-greasy, and lavender-scented, this men’s aftershave supplements the natural moisture of the skin. It absorbs quickly, leaving your skin smooth, and soothing any cuts and irritations you might have incurred while shaving. Very healthy and good for your skin, this is one of the best aftershave balm options. In addition, it’s a natural aftershave. It has no synthetic chemicals and no artificial colors. It has no dyes, never tested on animals,  fully vegan, and has no GMO oils. Moreover, it is phthalate-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. Featuring vitamin E and a touch of cooling menthol, this balm also comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

8. Paul Sebastian PS Aftershave Balm

Paul Sebastian Aftershave BalmPaul Sebastian’s PS Aftershave Balm for men usually goes for about $32. Recommended for evening wear, the PS Aftershave Balm belongs to the Paul Sebastian design house, which has been around since 1979. With a fragrance smelling of a blend of aromatic spices, it’s one of the best smelling aftershave you can find. It also smells of sweet florals, citrus, as well as musk and soft woods. While it is one of the best aftershave balm options on the market, you shouldn’t use it if you have sensitive skin.

7. Shaveology Advanced 2-IN-1 Anti-Aging After Shave Balm

Shaveology After Shave BalmThis 2-in-1 revolutionary anti-aging aftershave lotion is specifically designed to protect and soothe the skin. At the same time, it closes the pores and eliminates bacteria. A four-ounce bottle of the Shaveology aftershave usually goes for $40. This is one of the reasons why it’s one of the best aftershave balm options out there. Featuring keratin, hyaluronic acid, oat bran, and the special ingredient Golden Seaweed, this aftershave balm received praise for its regenerative qualities. Shaveology is very confident in the quality and effectiveness of their product. They are so confident, in fact, that they offer a 90-day money back no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.

6. Baxter of California Aftershave Balm

Baxter of California After Shave BalmAlcohol-free, this aftershave balm can calm, soothe, and cool the skin at the same time. It’s possibly the best aftershave for razor burn, which is a common occurrence for men. A four-ounce tube goes for just under $20. Able to relieve sensitivity after shaving, the post shave balm can also protect your derma from irritation and dryness. Additionally, it nourishes and hydrates freshly shaved skin. Containing glycerin, aloe vera, allantoin, and tea tree oil, this therapeutic moisturizing treatment is one of the best aftershave balm you can get. Organic silicones and glycerin also help the soothing nature. Cooling menthol is also an important part of this aftershave.

5. Clubman Pianud After Shave Lotion

Clubman Pinaud After Shave Lotion

The Clubman Pinaud aftershave lotion comes for the incredibly low price of $7.95 on Amazon. The customer feedback is filled with praises, as it soothes even tender skin. In fact, it’s deemed as possibly the best smelling aftershave due to the suave and masculine fragrance. If you suffer from razor burns, this particular aftershave is perfect.

4. Pre de Provence No. 63 After Shave Balm

Pre de Provence After Shave BalmAble to soothe skin irritations caused by shaving, detergent, and soaps, this shea butter-enriched aftershave balm goes for about $20. It has a masculine fragrance, with a peppery and citrus note. It’s easily one of the best aftershave balm with a very aromatic, warm, spicy, and manly scent. In addition, it’s a natural aftershave, which implies it does not include potentially harmful chemicals.

3. Nivea Men Sensitive Post-Shave Balm

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave BalmIt was unavoidable for Nivea to make it on this list of the best aftershave balm options. It is available in ten sizes, and each container has 3.3 ounces of balm. A two-pack goes for under $15, and a three-pack for $16. A four-pack goes for $27, a five-pack for under $35, and a six-pack for $41. Able to protect your skin from shaving irritations, the Nivea aftershave balm is one of the post-shave lotions for men. It can improve your skin’s conditions with repeated use. In addition, it has no drying alcohol. Lightly, yet very pleasantly fragranced, this aftershave balm is definitely worth its spot on our list.

2. Dove Men+Care Post Shave Balm

Dove Men+Care Post Shave BalmThe Dove Men + Care entry is available in two types – Hydrate and Sensitive+. One 3.4-ounce pack goes for under $7. The Sensitive+ is useful for those with extra-sensitive skin and the Hydrate for men with dry derma. Containing Vitamin B5 and other similar ingredients which can help alleviate skin discomfort, this Dove after shave balm absorbs very quickly. So, it’s perfect for moisturizing and soothing razor burns and irritations. Alcohol-free and fragrance-free, this is one of the best aftershave balm options on the market.

1. Lather & Wood Shaving Co. Premium Aftershave Balm

Lather & Wood Shaving Co. After-Shave BalmUsually going for under $17, this particularly effective aftershave balm is available in two scents. These two fragrances are Sandalwood and Unscented. Marketed as light years ahead of other lotions on the market, this is the best aftershave balm you’ll ever use. Excellent for sensitive skin, its alcohol-free formula leaves your freshly shaven face with a healthy and smooth glow. In addition, the hydrating composition is perfect for both straight and safety razors. In fact, it’s the best aftershave for razor burns. It absorbs quickly and nicely into your skin, leaving your face silky smooth.


We hope that our list of the best aftershave balm reviews was useful to most of our users. For this, we chose multiple types of balms, so as to satisfy as many of readers’ needs possible. Remember that skincare is of great importance and you should make sure to be meticulous when finding the right products. That goes for both aftershave balms and safety razors. If we missed a personal favorite of yours, please tell us in the comments section below.

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