10 Best Baby Floaties

Floating pool toys–often called simply “floaties”–are a great way to entertain your small children while they’re swimming. There’s a huge variety of colors and types that are not only fun but also provide some nice cognitive development as well.
With so many floaties out there, it may be hard to know how to choose the best baby floaties for your child. Typically there are three broad factors to help:

  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Fun

We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best baby floaties around.

10. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Animal Friends

swimways baby float

These products from SwimWays come in a variety of fun and entertaining animal shapes–dragon pictured here–that are sure to provide lots of play time for your baby. Features child safety valves and a low center along with patented springs for added stability in the water. Holes in the construction allow your child to kick and move while in the water, getting healthy physical development while they play. The toy is covered with durable fabric and can fold up to its original size for convenience and portability.

9. SwimSchool Lil’ Skipper Baby Boat

swimschool baby float

This simple yet fun floatie is perfect for babies aged six to eighteen months; great for introducing them to the joys of swimming. The seat can be adjusted as your child grows; it’s also triple-reinforced for durability. The graphics provided an added level of fun and keep your child entertained as he or she splashes.
Some users report that the leg openings are not very wide, and may squeeze slightly husky babies.

8. Dual Person Mommy and Baby Inflatable Baby Pool Float

codream baby float

This is a great choice as it allows for a lot of interactive fun between baby and mom (or dad). The design is a dual-ring that can be worn by the parent and connects your baby as well. Durable and non-toxic construction, and said to be leaf proof. A removable canopy provides ideal protection from the sun for your infant, and having you there is the ultimate in safety.
Have lots of fun in the water with your child and never miss a single great moment.

7. Aqua Leisure Bouncing Butterfly Baby Boat

aqua leisure baby float

Another great “Level One” product–ideal for introducing your baby to the water. The bright colors and butterfly design provide high entertainment value for your child, in addition to the fun of the water. Made of durable yet comfortable open mesh material. Easily inflatable, with a retractable canopy for protection from the sun.
The excellent highly buoyant qualities add extra fun and a level of safety,ensuring that baby stays afloat.

6. My Baby Float (2-Pack)

intex baby float

We definitely like this high value pack that gets you two floaties for the price of one. Great if you have two little ones learning how to have fun in the water, or just as a backup. The larger outer ring provides a sizeable space for baby to splash around in comfort, while the smaller inner ring provides added balance and stability.
Smooth seat straps and a durable yet soft construction provide an excellent safety level to go with all of the fun features.

5. Geekper Baby Pool Float

geekper baby floata

Another excellent option that provides both fun and closeness for infant and parent. The specialized leak-proof construction and sun canopy provide superior safety from both water and sunlight during playtime.
We like the attached rattle that helps to improve the fun and entertain your baby, and also acts as an additional safety feature by being easy for the child to grab.

4. Swim School Tot Trainer

swim school baby float

For something a bit different, this is one of Swim School’s “Level Two” products. At the second level, these pool floaties are designed to promote confidence and comfort during play. Ideal for babies that are a bit older, and have now had some introduction to pools and swimming.
The soft fabric vest can be adjusted for comfort and fit, and can be easily secured for added safety as well. Made for durability and easy inflation.

3. Intex Kiddie Float

intex kiddie float

This one provides fairly high versatility and fun for any slightly older child. This “play station” gives your child the freedom to explore the fun of the pool while providing the safety of assured buoyancy in the water, no matter the play style. We would recommend these for somewhat older babies who are a bit more experienced and comfortable in the water; perhaps one to two years. No matter their level of confidence, care and supervision by an adult should always factor into the child’s playtime.
Users love this product, though we should note that styles and colors received may vary from pictures shown

2. Kemuse Inflatable Unicorn Baby Pool Float

kemuse inflatable baby float

A very fun, interactive play toy that provides a unique unicorn theme. It’s perfect for imaginative play and cognitive development whilst learning the joys of water play. For increased safety, it comes with a string to ensure that your baby doesn’t float too far away and specially-designed airbags to prevent rollover.
Also, includes a fun bath toy for extra play. Two toys are shown in the photo, description specifies one.

1. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy

swimways baby spring float

Given its versatility and huge capacity for fun, it’s easy to see why this activity center takes our spot for one of the best baby floaties available. With bright, fun colors and so many different, interactive toys, the possibilities for fun while splashing around are nearly endless.
Folds easily, and has an adjustable canopy for increased safety and protection from the bright sun. Not only that, it’s suitable for all development stages.

Our Summary

As you can see, there are a variety of fun toys at your disposal. Take a look and choose the ones that you think most appeal to your baby in terms of fun and features, and the ones that have the safety additions that will give you the peace of mind you want, and you’re sure to find some of the best baby floaties out there.

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