10 Best Baby Nail Clippers in 2018

Becoming a new parent is scary, but there’s nothing that strikes fear in the heart of even an experienced parent like trimming a newborn’s fingernails. Ragged, razor sharp, and always scratching your face or theirs, newborn nails are a problem that must be cared for. That’s why it’s important to find the best baby nail clippers. We’ll recommend 10 of the best baby nail clippers, some coming in sets, with a variety of price points and features. We’ve ranked the items below based on Amazon ratings and price-quality ratio.

10. Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Fold Up Nail Clippers

Safety 1st Fold Up Nail Clippers

This pair of fold up baby nail clippers by Safety 1st is a simple version of the adult clippers we all know how to use. There’s no cartoon faces or bells and whistles, but they’re still “hospital recommended.” The extension handle promises an improved grip, to avoid clipping mishaps. The Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Fold Up Nail Clippers are available on Amazon at a low price. With a familiar design, this basic version is a parent favorite.

9. Rhoost Deluxe Ergonomic Baby Nail Clipper

Rhoost Baby Nail Clipper

This entry on our best baby nail clippers list has an ergonomically designed handle, to make trimming your baby’s nails a bit easier. While this might make them simpler to maneuver, many parents still find the traditional clipper style too intimidating and sharp. This set is blue, with a bamboo base, and it also includes ten baby-size nail files, and a carry bag. You can find the Rhoost Ergonomically Designed Baby Nail Clipper on Amazon.

8. Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

Safety 1st Baby Nail Clipper

The Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper includes a light, and we like the on-board nail file with a dedicated storage slot. This clipper style is designed with an ergonomic handle, to help clip carefully. This nail clipper is available on Amazon, at a great price, especially considering the fact that it comes in a set that includes a nail file and a built-in light.

7. FridaBaby NailFrida the SnipperClipper Set

FridaBaby NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set

The FridaBaby nail clipper is safe, easy-to-use, and highly effective. It has a safety spy hole that makes it easy for you to carefully observe how much of the nail you’re clipping, and it also comes with a curved file that you can use to smooth the nails after you clip them. The blades are sharp, so they will cut the nails quickly, and with no effort at all.

6. Summer Infant Nail Clipper Set

Summer Infant Nail Clipper Set

The next entry on our list of best baby clippers is actually a set that includes a nail clipper for adults, and one for babies. The one targeted to newborns comes with a rounded tip, to make it safer and more effective. The handle is made of a soft mold that makes the clipper comfortable to hold, while also helping you achieve a steady grip, which is important when you’re cutting a baby’s nails.

5. Nuby Infant Nail Clipper

Nuby Infant Nail Clipper

The Nuby nail clipper is one of the simplest looking clippers on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s less effective. It is perfectly sized for your baby’s nails, it is easy to use, and it is completely safe. The price is extremely affordable, and the design on top of it features bears and stars, perfect a a baby nail clipper.

4. Baby Pro Collectionz 4 Piece Baby Grooming Kit

Baby Pro Collectionz 4 Piece Baby Grooming Kit

This baby grooming kit includes classic clippers, longer bladed nail scissors, a metal nail file, and tweezers. This is a good choice if you aren’t sure what you want, but want to have the three most popular choices on hand: file, scissors, and clipper. The Baby Pro Collectionz set is available on Amazon in blue or pink.

3. The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

The First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper

This nail clipper with magnifier is a basic baby nail clipper, but with the addition of a magnifier, and at a very low price, so we think it is a great option for many new parents. The fold-up design of the clipper makes for easy storage, and its stainless steel blades ensure a precise cut. The clipper also has an ergonomic grip, and it is perfect for newborns and up.

2. Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail File

Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail File

The Little Martin’s Drawer nail file is our runner-up for the best baby nail clippers, even though they’re not actually a clipper at all. Instead, this filing system with several different heads promises not to damage baby’s soft cuticles or nail beds. There is no danger of cutting baby’s skin, because there is no sharp edge. This electronic file is the highest priced on our list, but if you’re simply terrified of cutting your little one’s nails, this might be the product for you.

1. Nursery Necessities Nail Whale

Nursery Necessities Nail Whale Baby Nail Clippers

Our number one pick for the best baby nail clippers does it all while looking cuter than any nail clipper could. With an ergonomic design, light, magnifying glass, and a whale body that “eats” the nail clippings, all you have to do is clip! This adorable Nail Whale might even keep kids distracted while you’re clipping their nails. The light and magnifying glass make seeing those tiny fingers easier. You can find the Nail Whale by Newborn Necessities on Amazon.


Budget, style, and safety are all concerns when deciding how to care for your child’s nails. We hope our 10 best baby nail clippers list has helped you decide how to get your little one’s fingers shaped and safe! If you have other baby nail clipper suggestions you feel we might’ve missed, don’t hesitate to leave them in a comment down below.

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