11 Best Blackout Curtains

Perhaps the latest innovation in the curtain department, blackout curtains are a must-have for anyone that has trouble sleeping because of the lights or noise outside. However, as it so often happens with recent innovations, many are claiming to sell the best blackout curtains out there only to sell cheap knock-offs or bootlegs instead. Top-rated blackout curtains have features such as: sun light control, noise control, energy efficient, thermal insulation, environment-friendly, UVA protection, easy-to-maintain.

Since they are so useful for pretty much any room – from bedroom to nursery – more and more people want to get their hands on the best blackout curtains they can find. To help you in your endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of the best blackout curtains reviews from customers. Because the only time you can be sure something is the best is after someone has already tested it.

11. Royal Tradition – PRAIRIE – Blackout Weave Embossed Grommet Window Curtain Panel

Royal Tradition PRAIRIE Window Curtain Panel

Made out of polyester, these very effective blackout curtains come in six colors and four sizes. They come in Burgundy, Gold, Chocolate, Grey, Ivory, and Red. Meanwhile, the sizes for this set of curtains are 52-Wx63″-L, 52-Wx84″-L, 52-Wx96″-L, and 52-Wx108″-L.

These are some of the best blackout curtains, as they certainly do their job. They not only block out 90% of the light coming in from the outside, but are designed with elegance in mind. The silver metal grommets sewn at the top of the panel make sure that the curtains look good regardless of how open they are. The Royal Tradition curtains fit and fall well, and are a great choice for strong east exposure against hot, summer sun.


10. Beddinginn Illusional Woodland Path Print Blackout Curtain

Beddinginn Illusional Woodland 2 Pieces of Panels Curtain

Available in 7 sizes and made out of shading cloth with 3D effects, these Beddinginn curtains can give any room (ideally a bedroom or a living room) a very fascinating and intriguing illusion of looking through a path through the woods. Each curtain comes in two panels and can severely reduce both the noises and the light coming from outside.

The only reason these curtains aren’t any higher on this list is because of their high price range. Fortunately, the hooks that give these blackout curtains the 3D look are included in the package.

9. HLC.ME Lattice Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains Drapes

HLC.ME Lattice Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains Drapes
If you value design, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice functionality. The HLC.ME Lattice Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains are gorgeous and practical. They are available in three sizes and come in sets of two panels with eight silver grommets at the top each.

Available in 9 lush colors (grey, navy blue, teal blue, black, hot pink, lime green, mustard, rust, taupe) these blackout curtains feature an elegant lattice design that will instantly elevate any room. Energy efficient, noise reducing and machine washable, these drapes add a wonderful pop of color and guarantee minimal maintenance. The HLC.ME Lattice Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains not only block light efficiently, but also the heat and cold, allowing you to reduce the costs on your bills. Their elegance make them the best blackout curtains for those who want a luxurious touch in their home.

8. Nicetown Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains

Nicetown Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains
This set of two ready made panels will block 92% of outdoor light, UV rays, heat or cold, and sound. The triple weave technology makes these one of the best blackout curtains for TV viewing. They require minimal maintenance since they are machine washable and don’t wrinkle easily.

The generous color palette of 17 shades ensures you can find the perfect match for your bedroom, children’s room or nursery. With 4.6/5 stars from 938, customers, the Nicetown Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout curtains are a bargain for the high quality they offer. They will pay for themselves over time, as they are energy smart, and will also protect your furniture from damages caused by sun exposure.

7. Best blackout curtains for nursery – H.Versailtex Sky Blue Sailing Vessel Grommet Top Blackout Kids Room Curtains

H.Versailtex Sky Blue Kids Room Curtains

These particular blackout curtains are designed especially for kids, although you can technically in any room of the house. The fabric or material comes in five different patterns – Floral in Blue and Sage, Geo in Taupe and Brown, Geo in Taupe and Red, Navy Sailing Vessel, and Sky Blue Sailing Vessel.

They come in four sizes – 52-Wx63″-L, 52-Wx84″-L, 52-Wx96″-L, and 52-Wx108″-L. These thermal insulated curtains block 95% of all light, 100% of all the UV radiation, as well as some of the heat and cold attempting to creep in from the outside. Preventing 100% of UV rays, vinyl-free, they are the best blackout curtains for nursery.  The makers recommend using only non-chlorine bleaches, tumble drying, and warm ironing on them.

6. Deconovo Wide Width Grommet Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtain Panel

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Window Curtain Panel

The first Deconovo entry on this list of blackout curtain reviews, this thermal insulated, turquoise curtain is silky, and soft to touch. The sizes are 80-Wx84″-L and 100-Wx84″-L. These curtains are easy to maintain, and give your room a gorgeous look.

This particular Deconovo can block out 99% of all sunlight at any time of day. It can also reduce noise and help maintain a steady temperature. It’s washable in any type of washing machine, and can help you save on home cooling and heating costs.

5. One Top Grommet Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtain Panels

Deluxe Draperies Thermal Insulated Curtain Panels

The One Top Grommet Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtain Panels, Triple-Pass Foam Back Layer, Elegant and Contemporary Milan Blackout are made out of polyester, and machine-washable. The thick fabric of the curtains will not only block 99% of the light, but also sound, making them ideal for bedrooms or nurseries.

Available in 4 sizes and 7 colors (blue, plum, sage, ivory, red, white, and black) these thermal insulated curtain panels come with silver metal grommets on the top part of the curtain, which makes for easy hanging. They have a triple-pass thermal coating back layer, allowing you to reduce the heating and cooling costs.

4. IYUEGO Wide Curtains for Large Windows Classic Ivory Solid Grommet Top Blackout Curtains

IYUEGO Wide Curtains Draperies

The IYUEGO curtains are made in pretty much any size you could want. If you order one of these thermal insulated curtains, you can be sure that it will be custom made for you. It will reduce all light and UV rays from outside, as well as a large part of all the noise, heat, and cold.

Even though it only comes in beige, it’s a beige that goes well with most living rooms. It also comes with an embossed flower texture and with a stainless steel, silver colored grommets about 1.6 inches in diameter. They work best on large windows and you can wash them in any washing machine. IYUEGO are the best blackout curtains if you need a custom curtain.

3. Melodieux Window Blackout Curtains Single Panel Insulated Grommet Top

Melodieux Window Blackout Curtains Single Panel

Coming in beige, blue, and pink, as well as with two different types of grommet (a metal one and a noise-free one), the Melodieux curtains are made of 85% polyester and 15% cotton. They are eco-friendly, completely machine washable, and block out 98.99% of all UV rays and light from outside.

The only reason these aren’t higher on this list of best blackout curtains is because of the fact that they only come in one size – 52-Wx84″-L. Still, they do deserve their place on the list. With no chemical coating, no toxic smell, these insulated curtains are ideal for bedrooms and children’s rooms.

2. Deconovo Pink Cat Print Blackout Curtain For Kids

Deconovo Pink Cat Print Blackout Curtain For Kids Room

Soft, silky, and very pleasant to the touch, these curtains are a great choice for children because of their purple, cutesy, kitty-cat print. But that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t go well in any room in need of curtains to block the light, radiation, and heat from passing through. They are made out of 100% polyester fabric.

These are some of the best blackout curtains for allergy-prone people, as they do not attract any dust. They come in two sizes – 52-Wx63″-L and 52-Wx84″-L

1. Prestige Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain – The Best Blackout Curtains

Prestige Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

So, we’ve reached the best blackout curtain on this list. These curtains were regarded as the best by their very satisfied users. They come in seven colors – beige, burgundy, charcoal, chocolate, grey, ivory, and navy, as well as in three sizes – 38-Wx96″-L, 52-Wx96″-L, and 76-Wx96″-L.

Very elegant, these curtains can block 99% of all light and UV radiation coming from outside, as well as about 60% of all the noise. It is also a very good product for saving energy, as it can keep heat in the room during the winter and reflect the heat out during the summer. They are certainly worth their title as the best blackout curtains out there.


We hope we’ve managed to properly answer the burning question which is what are the best blackout curtains out there. The items in our top provide you with the best features of blackout curtains, from light and noise protection, to thermal insulation. Using blackout curtains will improve your day and night sleep. They will also help you reduce your heating and cooling costs, while adding a touch of color to the design of your home. Please leave a comment and tell us your opinion on blackout curtains. We love to get the feedback of our readers!

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