10 Best Body Shaper Corsets

Fitness trainers and fashion experts tend to agree that in terms of body shaping equipment, corsets work best for those with rounded figures. This is because corsets help to “bring in” the midsection and add definition to the waistline. Still knowing the type of shapewear that is right for your body type is only half of the equation. There are a plethora of corset models out there, each one varied and with their own strengths and weaknesses. It can be a challenge finding the best body shaper corsets for your needs. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our list of top body shaper corset options and we’re certain there is something for everyone here.

10. Eleady Women’s Underbust Corset Waist Trainer

eleady body shaper corset

This corset is versatile, and able to be used in a variety of occasions from simple party gatherings to more formal events such as weddings. The ergonomic elastic design will fit perfectly each time, and is also made from easy to clean materials. Defines the waistline, smooths out the body and helps to achieve and hourglass figure. Some users due complain that the boning is not numerous enough and that it, and stitching, can be seen through clothing. Hand wash recommended. Currently on sale.

9. Sayfut Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

sayfut body shaper corset

A corset that is specifically designed not only to bring in the waist, but to aid in your daily workout and weight loss routines as well. This corset has helpful boning in both the front and back, making it easier than some others to put on or remove. Many users love that it can be worn even under tight-fitting clothing with zero visibility. Some complain that it runs a bit short for taller women, however, and a select few say that the wires can poke.

8. FeelinGirl Neoprene Corset

feelingirl body shaper corset

This corset from FeelinGirl is fairly unique in that it combines a 3-in-1 job of sports bra, waist trimmer and waist trainer into one complete package. The adjustable belt can be adapted to most sizes and kept as tight as you may want. Excellent for workouts or simply to keep warm in colder climates. It can also help to burn extra calories during a cardio workout, and even improve your posture. However, some users complain that even the larger sizes run too small, and that the bust area only truly accommodates larger sizes. Others suggest that the small size is instrumental in fat-burning and gaining a smaller waist.

7. Miranco Women’s Hot Sweat Slimming Neoprene Corset

miranco body shaper corset

Another vest-like corset design primarily used for not only shaping but weight loss as well. This neoprene corset is slightly different in that it contains no front zipper, eliminating possible visibility issues from the front when worn under tighter clothing. Notable for increasing body temp while absorbing sweat, this corset can help you burn calories while doing about your daily routines, and keep you dry while doing so. The lightweight and stretchy material make it easy to move around in this one.
Some users do complain of sizing issues, ordering either too large or too small. Most suggest ordering one size above your shirt size to be safe.

6. TiRain 3 in 1 Postpartum Body Shaper Corset

tirain body shaper corset

A 3-in-1 belt-corset combo, this item is specifically designed to aid in supporting and reshaping the body after pregnancy. It’s made of high quality lightweight fabric that is breathable and easy to wear–designed for shaping, rather than a workout. With postpartum support in mind, it helps to shrink the belly and keep skin from sagging, as well as minimizing possible stretch marks and providing additional support while breastfeeding. One common issue, however, is that the amount of pieces can make it detrimental to putting on and removing, and that the pieces have a tendency to move around during wear.

5. Lady Slim Colombian Latex Waist  Trimmer

lady slim body shaper corset

A corset designed as a trainer specifically for those women who may be taller, or have a longer waist and need more coverage than some of the smaller cinchers on the list. Flexible boning provides comfort as well as support, and the makers guarantee that the product will take three inches off of the waist at a minimum. Also has the “sauna effect,” to help you sweat and burn calories more easily. Some users report that there are size confusion issues and recommend using the manufacturer’s size chart. Others say the latex smell is strong and recommended letting the product air out before use.

4. Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’ Contouring Corset

squeem body trainer corset

The perfect waist model is a corset-style cincher that aids in giving the appearance of of smoother midsection and contoured waist. It features stainless steel interior boning for support and hook-and-eye-closures in the front for a snug fit. It is recommended to hand-wash this item for optimal cleaning results. Also note that it is 75% rubber, and as such, some wearers may experience a reaction to the material. Some users also report size inconsistencies and others note that it can often be seen through clothing.

3. Fomansh Waist Trainer

fomansh body trainer corset

This is another corset designed primarily for control and shaping, rather than the workout or weight loss uses of some of the others on this list. It is noted as being ideal for the gym and working out, but some users complain that the material is not especially conducive to this. We would recommend a corset specifically designed for yoga and working out, rather than simply shaping, if that is your goal. However, as a shaping and slimming device, this item works well for most users and has a value price point.

2. Alivila.Y Waist Training Corset

alivila y body trainer corset

This corset is notable for being available in a wide range of both sizes and colors. In addition, it has a minimalist, vintage look and feel that will appeal to many users. This corset is ideal not only for waist training, but as part of a costume set as well. However, given the materials and price range we would recommend this corset as an good, entry corset for newcomers to the market.

1. YIANNA Waist Training Corset Hourglass Body Shaper

yianna body shaper corset

With a plethora of rave user opinions and data, hundreds of answers to questions you may have about this item or corsets in general, and the added pricing value, the Yianna here takes our top spot. Not only is it ideal for the customer on a budget, it brings with it high quality and versatility at that low price. In addition, it has decent flexibility, is easy to adjust, and can be worn easily beneath most clothing. The most common complaints if any tend to be from users who need more or less length in the waist.

Our Verdict

Whether you’re looking for a corset that provides the ideal in shapewear and contouring, need something to help with weight loss, or just something perfect for the next party, we’re confident that our list provides an option to fit every need, size and style, with quality at every level.

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