10 Best Garlic Presses

If you love cooking, a high quality garlic press is an essential item for your kitchen. Pressed garlic is a key ingredient in many cuisines. Some grocery stores sell jarred pressed garlic, but fresh garlic tastes much better. When shopping for a new garlic press, sturdiness, effectiveness, ease of use, and simple clean up are features you want to look for when you make your choice. Also keep in mind that the odor of garlic will not adhere to presses made of stainless steel. Here is a list of the best garlic presses available online.

10. Home Green Ware Professional Garlic Press

home green ware garlic press

This garlic press is lightweight and easy to use. It is made of stainless steel. A garlic peeler and cleaning brush are included with it, but it is safe to put it in the dishwasher. Users rave about how easy this product is to grip and squeeze to press your garlic. Another advantage of Home Green Ware’s Professional Garlic Press is that it comes backed by a lifetime warrantee.

9. XJoyous: Garlic Press

xjoyous garlic press

The Xjoyous Press removes the peel at the same time it presses your garlic. Pins on the press of this tool make more of your garlic clove end up in your food and less pulp stuck to the inside of your garlic press, which also makes cleaning it easier. According to user reviews, this product is easy to clean if it is done immediately and easy to squeeze, even if your grip is not very strong. Another advantage of this product is that it is machine washable.

8. MiTBA: Garlic Press

mitba kitchenware garlic press

Feel like a professional chef when you use the MiTBA Garlic Press. A silicone tube peeler comes with this press, but you can just put the garlic clove right in the press and it will remove the peel for you. A cleaning brush also comes with it. The press is made of stainless steel and is safe to put in the dishwasher. Its claim to fame is that your hands will have minimum contact with garlic while using t, avoiding that garlic aroma that can stick to them for the rest of the day.

7. ChaMond Stainless Steel Professional Garlic Press 

chamond home garlic press

Crush more garlic cloves at once with this garlic press. The basket can hold up to three cloves of garlic at time. It is 100% stainless steel, so it is easily washed in warm soapy water but can also go in the dishwasher. Thick handles make this tool easy to grip. It also has an attractive, slick look.

6. ShadoShop Premium Garlic Press

shadoshop garlic press

This high quality garlic press is part of a set. It comes with a pastry brush and an egg poacher. It was built to be sturdy undergo frequent use. It is easy to clean with a sponge or a brush.

5. JZ Quality Products: Professional Garlic Press

jz quality products garlic press

An e-cookbook and a garlic cookbook are included with the purchase of this sturdy garlic press. Press cloves are garlic in it with the skin on, or use the peeler to remove the skin before inserting the clove into the press. To clean it, just open it and either hand wash it or put it in the dishwasher.

4. Freeto Garlic Press Stainless Steel Garlic Chopper 

freetoo garlic press

The large hopper on this garlic press allows you to press more than on garlic clove in this press. It also is designed to press the maximum amount of garlic pulp into your food, with very little left behind in the press. Its handle is one, streamlined piece to ensure ease of use. It is rust proof and safe for the dishwasher.

3. Orblue Propresser Stainless Steel Garlic Press

orblue garlic press

Specially engineered handles and a larger than usual allow the ORBLUE Propresser to crush several cloves of garlic at once easily. It is dishwasher safe. Store the Propresser easily using its handle loop. According to users, it shows no wear and tear, even after two years and it feels good in the hand when you are using it.

2. Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler Set

alpha grillers garlic press

This stainless steel garlic press and FDA approved peeler comes in an attractive, fabric lined case for elegant storage. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is easy to clean and easy to use.

1. Oye Stainless Steel Garlic Press

oye garlic press

Oye’s Garlic Press has no nooks, leaving no place for garlic to get stuck. This allows for the maximum amount of garlic flavor in your dish and leaves very little garlic behind in the press to be cleaned out. Flip it open to throw it in the dishwasher and it will come out clean. It is made of commercial grade stainless steel and is guaranteed not to rust or break, comes with swing arm compressors, a removable cup, and strong sturdy handles.


All of the garlic presses above are top sellers on Amazon. The also all press peeled ginger in addition to crushing garlic cloves. Many of them come with peeling tubes, which come in handy if you are making a dish that calls for sliced garlic rather than crushed garlic. What do you look for in a garlic press? Have you found one that didn’t make it on this list? Let

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