10 Best Garment Steamers

Clothes steamers are excellent additions to both commercial and residential laundry rooms. Moreover, they can be just as useful on the go. Wrinkles can be quite annoying. They can ruin fine-looking outfits and make you look sloppy. Previously, you would have used a traditional iron box to smooth out the wrinkles. However, they are time-consuming and are not always effective with some garment styles and fabrics. Garment steamers get rid of the guesswork out of the equation, saves time, freshens up clothes, require little effort and ensure that all your clothes are wrinkle free. This article has compiled some of the best garment steamers based on popularity. In other words, they were selected based on customer ratings and reviews. Other factors we took into account are:

  • Water tank capacity
  • Variable steam and automatic shut-off
  • Portability

10. Rowenta DG8520

rowenta dg8520

This steamer is more of a hybrid since it can be used as a regular iron as well as a steamer. It heats up quickly and has a 20% energy saving capability. With this model, you will straighten even the toughest wrinkles. It has 800 watts of power. The Rowenta DG8520 features a stainless steel sole plate, a handle trigger and a 470z water tank capacity

The large water tank provides 1.5 hours of continuous steam. It is built to last and can handle commercial workloads. The Rowenta DG8520 is fast and takes about five minutes to complete a job. The only downside is that it’s quite expensive compared to other steamers.

9. Jiffy Steamer J-2000

jiffy steamer j2000

Jiffy products are often top notch. The J-2000 is not any different. Though its appearance is not that appealing, it delivers superb performance. Its power can heat up water in two minutes. It also has extra accessories that help you find more value of the price. It has a power of 1300 watts. The 96-ounce water reservoir can steam for 1.5 hours. The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 heats up in just 1-2 minutes and features a no-drip check valve system.

It’s good for residential and light commercial use and features anti-leek hoses. This Jiffy Steamer is extremely durable and can help in removing wallpaper. However, it has a stiff hose and requires distilled water to prevent the steamer from squirting water instead of producing steam.

8. Jiffy – ESTEAM

jiffy esteam

This is a handheld travel steamer. Due to its lightweight and design, it is easy to use. It can fit neatly in your backpack or suitcase and is always ready to steam in 1 minute. Despite its size, it can produce a significant amount of continuous steam. It has a wide mouth and a water tank that is easy to fill and double-insulated exterior housing

This Jiffy garment steamer model has a water level window on both sides of the unit and 600 watts of power. It has a water capacity of 1.8 kg/ 8 oz. In spite of its larger water reservoir, the Jiffy Estream is designed for travel. On the other hand, it lacks attachments despite its hefty price

7. PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer

puresteam garment steamer

This small garment steamer takes steaming to a whole new level. Do not be fooled by the appearance, it is quite powerful and takes only two minutes to produce steam for 10 minutes. Its small and unique design makes it suitable for travel. This PureSteam garment steamer has a unique nozzle design and a high capacity and fast-heating water tank

It comes with a long cord for convenience and a shut-off safety feature The compact shape of the PureSteam Portable Garment Steamer is perfect for easy storage and traveling. It is easy and convenient to use and safe to use on all fabrics. On top of this, it heats quickly. Unfortunately, this PureSteam model is not suitable for commercial use

6. Steamfast SF-407

steamfast garment steamer

This is another popular steamer. This model is powered by 1500 watts that heat up under a minute. It is gentle on even the most delicate fabric. The SF-407 has a removable water tank that enables easy refill. It heats up in 45 seconds which is pretty impressive, but it can only produce continuously for 45 minutes. It features 500 watts of power and a telescopic pole, attachable hook and fabric brush. The reservoir is removable, and can hold up to 40 ounces of water.

The Steamfast SF-407 heats up pretty fast and is gentle on a variety of fabrics. It also works well on upholstery. The only downside of this garment steamer is that it produces continuous steam for a short time, 45 minutes.

5. Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Steamer

rowenta garment steamer

Rowenta has made many exceptional laundry products, and the Rowenta IS6300 is a perfect example. It’s easy to move around and user-friendly. It has many attachment accessories that not only make it more attractive but also versatile. Accessories such as a fabric brush, steam bonnet and a lint pad are included. It is strong enough to clean wallpaper

This Rowenta garment steamer has an aluminum telescope that is sufficiently strong to carry heavy clothes. It also has wheels that allow easy movement

The Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Steamer has a foot pedal to run the steam and a 81-ounce water reservoir. It is, however, quite expensive.


4. Conair ExtremeSteam Fabric Steamer

conair garment steamer

It is arguably one of the best portable steamers. For a small item, it is pretty quick and reliable. It produces concentrated steam that is 30% hotter. Therefore, it can easily penetrate thick fabrics.

The Conair ExtremeSteam Fabric Steamer has a slide switch that has dual settings for low and high temperatures and a switch in the steam trigger to facilitate constant flow of steam

This Conair steamer model features interchangeable attachments such as a fabric brush and a soft cushion brush attachment and an energy saving steam pause. It removes wrinkles and disinfects fabrics killing bed bugs and dust mites. It is light and small, which makes a very good travel steamer. However, due to the size, the user is forced to refill the top steamer frequently.

3. Epica Steamer 800-Watt

epica garment steamer

The Epica 800-watt steamer by Dpnamron has a compact design that makes it a good fit for traveling and touch-ups. Despite its size, it is made of cool-touch plastic that can withstand the effects of time. However, though it is made of heavy duty material, it is not meant for large or commercial jobs.

The Epica garment steamer features a 7-ounce water container that is easy to refill. The steam dispenser nozzle helps distribute heat efficiently. The steamer is made of long-lasting and cool-touch plastic. It comes with  accessories such as sturdy fabric brush and lint remover. It is lightweight and durable and features a long 10-foot cable. Some users reported spillage occurs if it is not kept upright

2. PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Fabric Steamer

pursteam fabric steamer

The main reason why it is a heavy duty steamer is that it has a maximum temperature of 248 degrees Fahrenheit. With such heat, steam can penetrate even the thickest fabrics. Moreover, steam is hot enough to kill 99% of germs and bugs.

Th heating element of the PureSteam PS190 is made of a cast aluminum material. This model features a large water reservoir with a capacity of 61 ounces and a steam stand with clips

The PureSteam PS910 is easy to fold, thanks to its collapsible aluminum stand. The dual insulated hose protects the user, as it keeps heat for escaping. The only real downside of this model is that it has a limited number of feature settings.


1. URPOWER Portable Steamer

urpower garment steamer

Just like all the other garment steamers in this list, the URPOWER is nothing short of amazing. This clothes steamer is compact and can save on space while still doing an excellent job in steaming your clothes. It works in less than three minutes. The Uprower portable steamer has a broad flat nozzle that puffs out steam. Its water tank has a capacity of 130ml. It has a shut down safety feature and a heat sensor to prevent overheating.

The Uprower Portable Steamer automatically limits steaming when water level is too low to prevent spurting. It is compact and lightweight enough to be easy to carry. However, it is not meant for extended usage.


By now, you may have identified a garment steamer that suits your needs. The good thing is that no matter which of the listed clothes steamer you’d choose, you are sure to have something that will serve you well.

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