10 Best Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioners

Shopping for the right hair growth shampoo and conditioner can be tricky. What ingredients are used and what its specific purpose plays a big role. You could spend hours combing through various reports, scientific data and user anecdotes. Or, let us help you cut out that work by following our handy recommendations for best hair growth shampoo and conditioners. The two biggest criteria that determine our recommendations are:

  • What Ingredients are Contained
  • What Ingredients are Absent

What ingredients are not included is just as important as those that are. Follow our guide and choose a product that’s right for you.

10. Organic Argan Oil and Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo Conditioner Set

dermachange hair growth shampoo

Argan oil is one of the top ingredients manufacturers will include when they want to produce results that actually stimulate hair growth. It not only helps to promote new growth by shrinking your hair follicles, it keeps the hair you still have very strong and pliant.
In addition, it does not contain any parabens or sodium laurel sulfate, so it’s a volumizing mix without the harmful chemicals that usually accompany such products. Contains 97 percent organic ingredients.
Some users who dye their hair experienced issues with washing out.

9. Keranique Deep Hydration Scalp-Stimulating Shampoo

keranique scalp stimulating shampoo

This blend contains avocado oil, fatty acids and ceramides, all of which go to the follicle to treat the root cause of hair loss.
It’s also sulfate-free so it won’t irritate your scalp or drain it of the natural nutrients it needs for optimum growth.
Some users did not see significant improvements and again, we can’t recommend this product if you dye your hair. Although hair growth shampoos will be more expensive, we think this one is a bit high for 8 ounces of product.

8. HAIR GROWTH Clove Leaf & Moringa Botanical SLS-Free Shampoo

hair growth botanical renovation anti hair loss shampoo

This is another product that will not only stimulate the growth of your hair but is also specially made to help protect and strengthen the hair that you have. It blocks DHT, which is a primary factor in hair loss and is known to help prevent alopecia as well.
In addition, it helps your hair by properly hydrating it and removing chemicals that cause grease.
Some users claim that it contributed to drying out their hair despite its hydration effects, though we can’t be sure if the product was the root cause.

7. PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

phytoworx hair loss shampoo

This organic product conditions hair with plant stem cells, one of the main ways to promote hair growth and fight hair loss. It contains other natural ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea extract, and much more.
Best of all, it’s completely sulfate-free and contains no SLS either. The producers claim it will thicken your hair after the very first use; while we’re somewhat skeptical, you may indeed see pretty fast results in at least strengthening your hair.

6. PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo

pura dor hair loss shampoo

We like Pura D’or for its natural preservatves, as preservation is important in any shampoo or conditioner, but often done with harmful chemicals instead. Helps to revitalize hair and promote a healthier scalp while encouraging regrowth.
Contains no parabens, no sulfates and is specially formulated to be hypo-allergenic as well. This one has all the right stuff without anything you don’t need. There is also a post-shampoo conditioner sold separately.
Many users have reported great results with strengthening and restoring damaged hair.

5. Ultrax Labs Hair Plush

ultrax labs hair growth shampoo

We like this one because it contains caffeine, which many don’t realize also blocks DHT and other hair loss chemicals, and stimulates growth. Works well with proven results for both men and women. It helps to add fullness and body and the special caffeine serum should thicken hair almost instantly.
Also contains keratin and biotin and is produced without harmful sulfates and parabens.
This is a leave-in serum treatment that conditions, so be sure to let it sit for some time before washing out for best results.

4. Organic Vegan Hair Growth Organic Shampoo and Conditioner Set

dermachange hair growth shampoo

Some hair growth products are specially designed to work only with a small demographic of hair loss sufferers. We like this product because it is guaranteed to work with men or women and all hair types, taking the guesswork out of your shampoo and conditioner search. Containing a host of natural solutions that promote hair growth such as aloe vera, coconut extract and Australian cehami, this organic vegan shampoo also strengthens and hydrates your hair.
No parabens, sulfates or gluten in this product, only what you need.

3. Argan Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set

maple holistics shampoo

Another set with the ever-popular argan oil as a primary ingredient. This product contains a number of all natural ingredients that make it ideal not only for hair growth but strengthening and improving damaged,
dry hair
as well.
Absolutely no sulfates, silicone, parabens or other harmful ingredients.
We particularly like this one as it can be used even on dyed hair, unlike some other shampoos and conditioners.

2. PREMIUM Vitamins Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner

nourish beaute hair growth shampoo

It’s a bit more expensive as it is the “gold label standard,” but this product is free of sulfides and parabens that keep your hair from being its best. We also like that they’ve included a number of excellent natural ingredients to promote hair growth such as argan oil, keratin, caffeine, tea tree oils and more. It’s rare to find so many positive ingredients in one product set.
Most users are extremely happy with the results they’ve achieved; a small number have experienced some dryness as a result of use, however.

1. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Loss

honeydew hair loss shampoo

This set easily takes our top spot for best hair growth shampoo and conditioners.
It helps to volumize your hair; often only possible with harmful chemicals. It invigorates the scalp and helps to combat thinning. Contains all natural ingredients to promote new hair growth and is fully sulfate and paraben free.
In addition to all of this, it’s a very universal set that is great for both men and women, and all hair types. Such a huge variety of benefits at such a low price make it an incredible value.

Our Summary

It’s true that products designed to promote hair growth will generally be a bit more expensive than their counterparts. But we’re confident you can find one in your budget that will give you great results in very little time, and work to strengthen and protect the hair you have already.

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