10 Best Inline Speed Skates

Inline speed skating is an exciting yet challenging sport. Skaters, experienced or recreational ones, train intensely to deliver outstanding performance. But it takes more than physical training to emerge victorious with this kind of athletic activity. Several factors should be considered before owning a pair. First, size plays a vital role. Well-fitted speed skates help wearers maneuver efficiently. The kind of materials dictates the model’s durability to withstand forces. Lastly, users reviews must be assessed to have a general grasp of product specifications. Below is a list of the best inline speed skates widely reviewed in the market.

10. VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates

vnla inline skates

This durable inline skating piece is made of carbon fiber and fiber glass. Wearers get to choose from sizes 1-5 that come with a 3 x 100 frame. On the other hand, sizes 6-13 come with a 4 x 100 frame. However, a few actual buyers suggested women should order a size below their actual size for a more precise fit.

It is customized for recreational inline skating. The frame and boot of the VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skatse are solidly molded. Size variation allows options for comfortable fit. A few wearers complain that the paint easily comes off.

9. K2 F.I.T. Pro 84 Inline Skates

k2 fit pro 84

The K2 F.I.T Pro 84 Inline Skate is equipped with features for optimal skating experience. Its Aluminum framing accounts for its lightweight and responsive construction.

Stability Plus Cuff technology enhances control and comfort. The added arch of the K2 F.I.T Pro 84 Inline Skates provides lateral support and stability. The Speed Lace System makes the piece easier to don and doff.

The skates come with the Softboot to eliminate pressure points and to enhance breathability. A number of users found the stock bearings of mid-quality. Insufficient padding at the ankle area causes some pain during long-period skating.

8. Epic Skates Engage 3- Wheel Inline Speed Skates

epic skates engage three

This inline speed skate fuses fashion and functionality. It is made to stand out both in the boardwalk and in the skating rink. The hard-shell upper boots are suitable for quick turn arounds. The premium aircraft aluminum frame provides broadloom comfort and support. Its lightweight construction is designed for speed and agility. Pure Comfort Liner component offers breathability during long-standing skate sessions.

On the other hand, number of wearers report that the wheels do not pivot equally. The wheels are riveted. They are not replaceable Some users have mentioned the boots are stiff. It takes time to loosen and eventually break in.

7. Seba FR1 Inline Skates

seba fr1

An outstanding choice for city free ride skaters, the Sea FR1 Inline Skates combine performance with comfort. Its well-crafted design is made from industry standard materials. Inline skating tricks can be maneuvered easily with the Titanium Freeride Bearing component. Freestyle urban skate movements are secured through the Double Strap feature. The FK Aluminum Top Buckle firmly holds the heel for stability. Extruded R1 Aluminum provides efficient energy transfer for stronger skating strides.

The downside, as some users have noted, is that the toe box is slightly stiff. In addition, the removable liner tends to move towards the hard shell.

6. Rollerblade Metroblade C Urban Inline Skates 2016

rollerblade metroblade

This Gotham inspired skate brings a deal of energy transmission for required response and performance on the streets. The carbon fiber case shell delivers superior fit. The Heel Shock Eraser Liner decreases initial impact forces, while the Hot Rod Aluminum Frame helps to achieve smooth transitions and maximized speed and mobility.

A number of users found the sizing too narrow. Some ordered a size higher for a snugger fit. The skates do not come with a liner resulting in an unpleasant feel after skating for a period. It is difficult to achieve adequate knee bend since the skates do not have hinged cuffs.

5. 5th Element ST-80 Urban Inline Skates 2015

5th element st-80

Specifically made for an asphalt terrain, the ST-80 Urban allows you to navigate through urban obstacles. Users found the traditional lacing system apt for a customized fit and secured feel. ABEC 7 type of bearing is an industry accepted component for greater speed capabilities. The staggered wheel setup and maximum wheel size (80 mm) enable effective skating on streets with bumps.

However, users suggested ordering half size bigger since the skates run small. The skates are not advised to be used on a rough semi-graveled concrete terrain. A number of users found the shoes more functional when used outdoors.

4. Pacer Voyager Recreational Inline Skates

pacer voyager

Affordable and easy to use, the Pacer Voyager Recreational skates are recommended for first-time wearers eager to learn. The reinforced-nylon frame is both lightweight and sturdy. The three buckle system secure the boot securely. Additionally, the high rebound wheels made of urethane deliver strong grip on the ground.

It is worth noting that some wearers found the unspecified boot material of low quality. A number of users thought the straps above the ankle would not give enough snug, affecting the skate’s mobility. Long time use caused the plastic wheels to slowly shred gradually.

3. Rollerblade Tempest 125 3WD Inline Skates 2017

rollerblade tempest 125

Pump up your skating skills with these high-performance skates. The Tempest 125’s micro adjustable closure is an innovative way to secure a precise fit. The ILQ 9 bearings boost for speed with lesser vibration giving users a smoother and more durable strides. The Tempest 125 comes with an anatomical boot for an appropriate lower extremity fit. Asymmetrical lacing system accounts for the needed fastened, comfortable fit.

The aptly sized wheels (25 mm) tolerates uneven asphalt terrains. However, a few users found the ratchet latchets damage easily.

2. Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Alu 16 All Purpose Inline Skate

rollerblade macroblade 80

This high-performing model gives users professional components. It anchors efficient energy transfer in every stride. The wheels feature a Durometer rating of 82a, which offers exceptional balance. Training Footbed component places a user’s foot for enhanced support and leverage.

Twinblade Aluminum Frames allow a more responsive feel while being lightweight. Durable macroblade shell wrapped around a Fit Liner improves durability. Some users commented that the skates are recommended for advanced skaters only.

1. Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT

bladerunner advantage pro xt

The Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT is a reliable pair for both advanced and novice skaters. The lacing system and Velcro straps provide a customized and snug fit respectively. Adequate padding from boot to ankle enables a comfortable skating experience.

Sharp turns and stops are efficient due to its sturdy construction. Easy to use buckle supports the ankle firmly. Front wheels showed signs of wear after four to five uses. The skates are not recommended for street skating.


The list presents the different factors to be considered before buying your own inline speed skates. Some models have components applicable to the level of skating prowess you currently have. Fit and sizing were highly noted. Have you tried any of the above models? You can also share your thoughts about products not mentioned.

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