10 Best Kitchen Faucets

With all that a faucet does for your kitchen, it’s important to consider a few basic things before you buy. It may surprise you, but most people tend to choose their new kitchen faucet based on aesthetics alone. While this may get them a very nice-looking kitchen appliance, it might not be ideal for performance. When choosing our best kitchen faucets we looked at:

  • Finish
  • Handles
  • Spout Height/Reach
  • Features

Features can include things like ceramic valves or faucet sprayers. Take a look at our picks.

10. Modern Commercial Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Single Handle

valisy brushed nickel faucet

The brushed nickel finish provides an attractive, understated aesthetic to your new faucet, while solid brass construction ensures maximum durability. It has a single handle design which makes it much more convenient and effective than its multi-handled counterparts. The attached sprayer is a great feature and much more effective than traditional side sprayers, as it won’t leak.
The spout is high arch; be sure to check measurements if you have any shelves directly above your sink area.

9. KES Brass Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

kes kitchen faucet

This model includes a ceramic valve, often the best type recommended by industry experts. It also has a durable brass body for dependability, and a very eye-catching gold titanium finish, said to wear very well. As the name suggests, it is a single-handle unit for convenience; features a built-in pull-down sprayer for better reliability. This is another high arcing spout so be sure to measure above the sink. A small number of users had trouble with hose failure after some months.

8. Delta Faucet 9113-BL-DST Essa

delta kitchen faucet

We like the variety of features you get in this unit. For example, the patented “MagnaTite” spray wand snaps securely into place when not in use, ensuring no leaks. It’s another high-arc model, and it swivels three hundred and sixty degrees to ensure complete coverage. Has durable, attractive finish as well.
Some extras we like include installation for one or three holes, easy to clean sprayer so there is no mineral buildup and the reach of the wand.

7. VAPSINT Modern Stainless Steel Faucet

vapsint kitchen faucet

This model features an appealing brushed nickel finish with strong brass construction for enhanced durability and longevity. The sprayer is the more useful pull-down variety and features a spiral spring that will give the spray increased power.
We like that it’s a very versatile faucet; it’ll fit the contemporary three-eighths water supply or the older half-inch hose. The single-handle design gives you increased convenience and ease-of-use.

6. GICASA Upgraded Version Commercial Faucet

gicasa kitchen faucet

Another brushed nickel finish with dependable, long-lasting brass construction. The coiled spring neck is a bit different and adds an extra touch of modernity to your kitchen aesthetic. Industry-leading ceramic valves ensure no drips or leaks. Relatively high neck so make sure to measure beforehand if necessary. A single handle design completes the modern theme here.
Note that there were some issues with the hose leaking; the manufacturer has updated the hose to a more reliable model. The finish may tarnish over long use despite claims of this being impossible.

5. Delta Foundations 21996LF-SS Faucet

delta kitchen faucet

Just because a lot of people like single handle faucets with attached sprayers, doesn’t mean they’re the only kind out there. You may want a dual handle faucet with a side sprayer in your kitchen; we can recommend those too. This model has both of those features in an attractive stainless finish. Though the spout is still considered high arc, we’ve found it is a few inches shorter than a lot of other models; this may appeal to those with limited overhead space.
A few reviewers did have some drip problems with the sprayer, but for most, it worked just as well as a pull-down version.

4. Moen Brantford Kitchen Faucet

moen brantford kitchen faucet

This is an excellent model with everything you’ve come to expect from a modern, high-quality faucet. Convenient single-handle design makes it easy to use and offers complete coverage of the sink area. The pull-down sprayer is guaranteed to provide with all of the power you need and none of the leaks that you don’t.
But what we really like about this one is the rather unique, rubbed bronze finish that we haven’t seen in other models. Definitely a great choice to go with any old-style kitchen.

3. Peerless P110LF Classic Faucet

delta kitchen faucet

It’s always nice to include some variety in each list. This is another model that may appeal to those who want a lower arc in their faucet spout. Features a shiny chrome finish with a high-efficiency hose and a single-handle design for added convenience. Very little about which to complain here. A few users note that the fine print says this faucet is not compatible with a portable dishwasher. However, the manufacturer makes no claim that it is, as far as we can tell.

2. KINGO HOME Modern Kitchen Faucet

kingo home kitchen faucet

A high-quality and popular choice for those who are looking for a faucet spout with a low arc. The solid brass provides durability while the nickel finish is appealing and can match many modern appliances. Ceramic discs exceed most standards to give you the best in performance and longevity. Easy-to-use single handle design included as well. A few users note that the faucet is a bit short for their needs; be sure to measure before purchase.

1. Best Commercial Stainless Steel Faucet

comllen kitchen faucet

The Comllen company decided to put “best” right in the name, and with good reason. Its modern, single-handle design gives you both better control over water temp and makes it easier to clean than two-handled faucets. The nickel finish is eye-catching and modern, whilst the full brass body offers the strength and durability you can count on for years. Premium ceramic disc construction will ensure no leaks, even when using the powerful and convenient pull-down sprayer. Good-looking, functional, and definitely one of the best kitchen faucets out there.

Our Summary

We’ve chosen something for everyone here; whether you’re in the market for one handle or two, or a pull-down or side spray model. We’ve made sure that you’re covered when it comes to the best kitchen faucets. For best results, choose a faucet finish that matches your existing decor.

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