10 Best Manual Toothbrushes in 2018

Manual toothbrushes come in a wide range of styles and configurations. Before deciding on one, you should take into account the bristle strength type that you prefer. Our article is going to review 10 manual toothbrushes currently available, based on user reviews, to help you find the best manual toothbrush for you. Each review will focus on the product’s main features and other important specifications.

Top 10 Best Manual Toothbrushes Overview

Product Name TBR Recommendation
Best Manual Toothbrushes Oral-B Pro Health All In One Soft ToothbrushesOral-B Pro Health All In One Soft Toothbrushes  Best toothbrush for sensitive gums
Best Manual Toothbrushes Thomas and Friends Children's Manual ToothbrushesThomas and Friends Children’s Manual Toothbrushes  Best toothbrush for children
Best Manual Toothbrushes Oral-B 40 Soft Bristles Indicator Contour Clean ToothbrushOral-B 40 Soft Bristles Indicator Contour Clean Toothbrush  Best cheap toothbrush
 Best Manual Toothbrushes Nimbus Microfine ToothbrushNimbus Microfine Toothbrush  Best soft toothbrush
 Best Manual Toothbrushes GUM Technique Deep Clean ToothbrushGUM Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush  Best toothbrush for hard-to-reach places
 Best Manual Toothbrushes Colgate 360 Adult Full Head Soft ToothbrushColgate 360 Adult Full Head Soft Toothbrush  Best toothbrush for plaque
 Best Manual Toothbrushes MitButy Natural Bamboo ToothbrushMitButy Natural Bamboo Toothbrush  Best natural toothbrush
 Best Manual Toothbrushes Oral-B 3D White Vivid 35 Medium Manual ToothbrushOral-B 3D White Vivid 35 Medium Manual Toothbrush  Best toothbrush for whitening teeth
 Best Manual Toothbrushes Colgate Premier Classic Clean Deep Dental Cleanse Manual ToothbrushColgate Premier Classic Clean Deep Dental Cleanse Manual Toothbrush  Best ergonomic toothbrush
 Best Manual Toothbrushes Dr. Collins Perio ToothbrushDr. Collins Perio Toothbrush  Best tapered toothbrush


10. Oral-B Pro Health All In One Soft Toothbrushes


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Our tenth best manual toothbrush pick is part of Oral-B’s Pro Health series. With six brushes in each pack, this option is a great choice in terms of affordability. These brushes are classified as a soft type, and are an excellent choice for users with sensitive gums due to conditions like gingivitis.

One of the best things about this particular brand is that it utilizes a special criss-cross brushing mechanic to help remove up to 99 percent of visible plaque deposits. Over time, this can help improve gum health and remove surface staining.

9. Thomas and Friends Children’s Manual Toothbrushes


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Every parent can sympathize when it comes to getting young children to adopt responsible brushing habits at an early age. Fortunately, there are a variety of manual toothbrushes available that feature popular cartoon characters to help catch your child’s attention.

In addition to its cosmetic design, this brush is a soft type, to help ensure that your child doesn’t accidentally damage their gums with too much pressure. As always, make sure you keep an eye on your child while brushing and flossing, to ensure a safe and effective brushing session.

8. Oral-B 40 Soft Bristles Indicator Contour Clean Toothbrush


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While it may be classified as one of their older models, the Oral-B 40 is another great pick for best manual toothbrush. For starters, it’s definitely one of the more affordable Oral-B manual toothbrush options currently available. This is another soft bristle brush that is ideal for sensitive gums.

The best part about this particular toothbrush is that the bristles gradually change color as you use the brush. Once the color has faded, you know it’s time to discard your old brush and open a new one.

7. Nimbus Microfine Toothbrush


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Though definitely one of the lesser known brands available, the Nimbus Microfine line remains a very popular choice for many consumers. These brushes are regular-sized, and are intended for use by both adults and teenagers. The thing that separates it from many of the other available models is its softness.

The bristles are classified as extra soft, and are intended for users with receding gums and other delicate conditions. While being extremely soft on gum tissue, they offer more than enough support for effective plaque removal.

6. GUM Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush


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The GUM Technique deep clean toothbrush is another excellent option for the best manual toothbrush. One of its main defining characteristics is the tapered head design. This helps ensure that the brush fits comfortably in the nooks and crannies of your mouth.

Users also love the rubberized textured grip area. Each pack contains six brushes, so it is a great value for money. The only downside is that the colors are completely random. However, it’s still a great toothbrush that balances affordability and effectiveness.

5. Colgate 360 Adult Full Head Soft Toothbrush


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While a bit more on the expensive side when compared to many other manual toothbrushes, the Colgate 360 has a lot to offer. For starters, the back of each brush head has a tongue and cheek cleaner. This helps ensure a more thorough whole mouth cleaning with just one product.

In addition, the head also contains separate cleaning and polishing bristles. This ensures that plaque build-up is removed effectively, while the polishing bristles work to remove daily stain build-up.

4. MitButy Natural Bamboo Toothbrush


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For individuals who are concerned about the environment, MitButy’s natural bamboo toothbrush might be an ideal solution. With handles that are made from bamboo, this product is free of potentially harmful chemicals like BPA. In addition, the materials it is made from are 100 percent recyclable.

As for the brush head design, the bristles are extra soft and the head itself is regular-sized. We also like that the manufacturer backs up the product with a satisfaction guarantee as well.

3. Oral-B 3D White Vivid 35 Medium Manual Toothbrush


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The Oral-B 3D White Vivid 35 series is an excellent manual toothbrush that is designed specifically for individuals who crave a whiter smile. This is one of the few medium-class toothbrushes that we included on our list. With this in mind, it may be a bit too rough for sensitive gums.

However, it does a great job at removing surface stains with each brushing session. This is mainly due to the polishing cups that are located throughout the brush head. As for ease of use, we really liked the textured grip area as well.

2. Colgate Premier Classic Clean Deep Dental Cleanse Manual Toothbrush


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When it comes to sticking with the basics, you can’t go wrong with the Colgate Premier Classic Clean design. This is one of the most popular options in the Colgate product line. With a built-in tongue scraper, it is the best manual toothbrush for keeping your whole mouth in good shape.

Thanks to the unique bi-level bristle design, this toothbrush does an excellent job at reaching difficult areas. In addition, the ergonomically designed handle is very comfortable to use.

1. Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush


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The Dr. Collins Perio toothbrush is a popular manual toothbrush choice. Thanks to its super soft bristle design, this is the best manual toothbrush for individuals who have undergone gum therapy, or who otherwise have sensitive gums.

Each package contains three brushes. Another nice feature of this toothbrush is that the brush head is tapered to help improve usability and comfort.


If you’re looking for the best manual toothbrush for you, consider checking out our 10 recommendations. With many of them being made specifically for sensitive gums and other conditions, you should have no problem finding the best fit for you. If the best manual toothbrush you’ve ever tested is not on this list, tell us about it in the comments area.

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