10 Best Meal Replacement Shakes of 2017

A meal replacement shake can be an excellent choice whether you’re looking to shed some pounds or improve your workouts. One of the main criteria used to determine the rating of the products was the quality to price ratio of each of them. So, whether you’re looking for best weight loss shakes or simply looking for something tasty, we have you covered. Let’s see what are the best meal replacement shakes suitable for your needs.

10. Quest Nutrition Protein Powder

Quest Nutrition Protein PowderThe Quest Nutrition meal replacement shake comes for $31.53 on Amazon. It’s made out of quality whey protein isolates that make it an excellent option. Even though it has a wonderful vanilla taste, it’s completely gluten and soy free, with no added sugar. Therefore, it’s an excellent shake for weight loss.

9. Vega One All-in-One Chocolate Nutritional Shake

Vega One Nutritional ShakeThis particular meal replacement shake comes in eight flavors. You can find it on Amazon for $25.16. Containing only 170 calories, this new and improved formula consists of real, whole food ingredients. Non-GMO, certified vegan, gluten-free, low-glycemic, dairy-less, and soy-less, twenty grams of this meal replacement can be an entire meal. It provides 50% of your daily intake of minerals and vitamins. Plus, this meal replacement powder also gives you 25% of your daily fiber, probiotics, omega-3 oils, and antioxidant needs.

8. FitMiss Delight Nutritional Shake

Fitmiss Delight Nutritional ShakeThis FitMiss entry comes in eleven different flavors. A two-pound can goes for around $34.55 on Amazon. High in protein and low in calories, this is one of the best meal replacement shakes out there. You can use it as a meal or snack replacement, and it will stave off your hunger for hours. Moreover, it’s very low-carb and completely gluten-free meal replacement.

7. Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal

Garden of Life Raw Organic MealGarden of Life’s Raw Organic Meal comes in five different flavors. One of the best meal replacement shakes out there, it comes for $35.57 on Amazon. This meal replacement is certified as organic by the USDA, verified as non-GMO, and completely gluten-free. In addition, it’s certified vegan, certified Kosher, dairy-free, soy-free, and an informed choice trusted by Sport. It helps boost energy and build lean muscle, as well as stay full and support a healthy weight. It’s excellent if you’re looking for protein shakes for weight loss as well.

6. Slim Fast Original Meal Replacement Shake Mix

Slim Fast Meal ReplacementYou can find this Slim Fast shake in four different flavors for around $12.81 on Amazon. With only 10 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving, this meal replacement provides up to 4 hours of hunger control. One of the best-tasting meal replacement shakes you can find, it provides a third of daily essential minerals and vitamins. In fact, there are about two hundred calories in each 8-fluid-ounce serving.

5. Soylent Meal Replacement Drink

Soylent Meal Replacement DrinkThis particular meal replacement shake goes for $32.30 on Amazon. The brand boasts its ability to offer 20% of your daily nutritional requirements with just one bottle. In fact, it’s a great meal replacement drink for those who are usually in a hurry. It reportedly has a pleasant flavor, close to that of almond milk. The ingredients include protein from soy, and all the essential vitamins and minerals.

4. IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake with Hunger Blocker

IdealShape Meal Replacement ShakeAvailable for around $39.99, this exceptional replacement shake comes in six flavors. Possibly the best meal replacement shakes when it comes to flavor, you will definitely not regret trying it out. Made out of all-whey protein, this IdealShake provides the perfect balance of protein, fat, and carbs. It is also gluten free and provides twenty-two different minerals and vitamins for your daily needs. Moreover, the meal replacement features a strong, all-natural hunger blocker. It will help you lose weight, all while developing lean muscle.

3. Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Complete Protein & Vitamin Shake Mix

Nature's Bounty Protein Shake MixThis replacement shake brought to us by Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions comes in two different flavors. You can find it on Amazon for $12.25. It’s one of the best meal replacement shakes you could get for the price. The Complete Protein & Vitamin Shake comes with a number of B-vitamins, as well as with vitamins C and D. It also features a unique blend of digestive and probiotic enzymes patented by Probioguard. Moreover, the protein shake also includes enough Omega-3 and electrolytes to get you through the day.

2. Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Powder

Orgain Organic Plant Based ProteinYou can find the Orgain meal replacement shake in two flavors. Both come for around $22 per pack. Each contains about two pounds of powder. Meanwhile, a two-pack of this fudge-flavored meal replacement shake goes for around $95. Each serving of this replacement shake contains five grams of organic fiber, three grams of carbs, twenty-one grams of organic plant-based protein, and one hundred and fifty calories. The shake is USDA organic, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, kosher, and non-GMO. However, the only reason we didn’t name this shake as the best meal replacement shake is because of the high-quality of our next entry.

1. Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Original

Amazing Grass Green SuperFoodThe number one entry on our list of the best meal replacement shakes out there comes in eleven different flavors and thirteen sizes. It comes for $21.99 on Amazon. Every 28 ounces of this replacement shake are enough for one hundred servings. In addition, it is certified organic, kosher, raw, vegan, gluten-free, and totally non-GMO. All of the flavors are non-dairy and completely safe to use by anyone, at any time.


Finding the best protein shake for weight loss or any other purpose can be a challenge when it comes to healthy conscious people. That is why it’s of the utmost importance to peruse through the top options and see which is suitable for you. If you have a different entry that we might have missed, please leave a comment in the section below. In addition, you can check out these protein powder shakes if you’re looking to strictly improve your workouts.

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