10 Best Mosquito Nets in 2018

Mosquito nets are the simplest way to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes. Chemical repellents can lead to side effects and adverse skin reactions in some people. With mosquito nets, you don’t have this complication. This review will focus on the ten best mosquito net options available online, be they canopy mosquito nets, stroller nets, or head nets. The listed best mosquito net variants have been chosen based on their popularity and quality, as gauged from sales figures and customer reviews.

Top 10 Best Mosquito Nets Overview

Product Name TBR Recommendation
Best Mosquito Nets Tedderfield Premium Mosquito NetTedderfield Premium Mosquito Net Best indoor mosquito repellent
Best Mosquito Nets Abco Tech Mosquito NettingAbco Tech Mosquito Netting Best travel mosquito net
Best Mosquito Nets The Friendly Swede Mosquito Net CanopyThe Friendly Swede Mosquito Net Canopy Best camping mosquito net
Best Mosquito Nets Timbuktoo Mosquito Nets Luxury Mosquito NetTimbuktoo Mosquito Nets Luxury Mosquito Net Best mosquito canopy
Best Mosquito Nets NATURO Mosquito Net CanopyNATURO Mosquito Net Canopy Best outdoor mosquito netting fabric
Best Mosquito Nets EVEN Naturals Mosquito NetEVEN Naturals Mosquito Net Best mosquito net for bed
Best Mosquito Nets Crocnfrog Mosquito Net for Baby StrollerCrocnfrog Mosquito Net for Baby Stroller Best mosquito net for stroller
Best Mosquito Nets Sea to Summit Mosquito Head NetSea to Summit Mosquito Head Net Best head mosquito net for hats
Best Mosquito Nets Coleman 2000014864 Mosquito Head NetColeman 2000014864 Mosquito Head Net Best mosquito head net
Best Mosquito Nets Coghlan's Mosquito NetCoghlan’s Mosquito Net Best all around mosquito net

10. Tedderfield Premium Mosquito Net

This is a huge canopy mosquito net that can easily fit over a king or California king size bed. It comes with all the hooks necessary to attach it to the ceiling. This versatile net can even be used outdoors in picnic spots if needed, due to its massive size. With a density of 225 holes per square inch, it helps keep out even the tiniest bugs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Works on large beds;
  • Easy to hang;
  • Effective at keeping away mosquitoes;

  • Sun exposure might damage it;
  • Some people claim that it is smaller than advertised;

Best Mosquito Nets Tedderfield Premium Mosquito Net

9. Abco Tech Mosquito Netting

This conical net is designed for indoor as well as outdoor use. The extra length net allows you to securely tuck away the hem under your mattress to avoid any open ends. It is suitable for beds of all sizes, as well as RV hammocks, campgrounds, and even playgrounds. You also get a free carry bag for extra portability. Since it is chemical free, and made from multi-filament polyester, it is the best mosquito net for hypersensitive individuals.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Travel-friendly design;
  • Ideal for beds, hammocks, and camping;
  • No harmful chemicals;

  • Not suitable for large king-size beds;
  • No built-in option to weigh it down to the ground for outdoor use;

Abco Tech Mosquito Net

8. The Friendly Swede Mosquito Net Canopy

This is a specially designed option for use during camping. Suitable for a single camping bed, this canopy comes in army green with a pyramid shape. It has tent pegs for secure installation in a tent. The Friendly Swede net has a mesh density of 225 holes per square inch, and is capable of keeping out all but the minutest of critters. It comes with a handy stuff sack for easy carriage, making it one of the best travel mosquito net options.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Adjustable cord provides more headroom inside;
  • Very compact and convenient design;
  • Comes with stakes;

  • Does not work very well with camping cots or elevated beds;
  • Net might rest on the legs of taller users, allowing mosquitoes to bite;

The Friendly Swede Mosquito Net Canopy

7. Timbuktoo Mosquito Nets Luxury Mosquito Net

This luxurious mosquito net can fit over even the largest king size beds. It is one of the best mosquito net options available online in terms of sheer size. With 256 holes per square inch, it keeps out mosquitoes while letting in cool air. The inclusion of two openings make it one of the best mosquito net canopies for couples. It comes with an internal loop that can be used to hang a lamp or baby’s mobile inside.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • One of the largest nets available;
  • Has two entrances;
  • Finished hems help avoid snags and stay securely in place;

  • May not work with hammocks;
  • The net is very fine and rather fragile;

Timbuktoo Mosquito Nets Mosquito Net

6. NATURO Mosquito Net Canopy

This double bed canopy net can work indoors as well as outdoors. It has a standard hole density of 225 holes per square inch, which is enough to keep mosquitoes at bay. It has a single entrance, and comes with a convenient carry bag. To provide some extra protection, this net ships with two free mosquito repellent bracelets, each capable of providing 250 hours of protection.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Comes with an easy to use hanging kit;
  • Can work on hammocks and swings;
  • Provides two free mosquito repellent bracelets;

  • Another entrance would have been useful;
  • Net is a bit fragile;

Best Mosquito Nets NATURO Mosquito Net Canopy

5. EVEN Naturals Mosquito Net

With extra fine mesh fabric and a chemical free manufacturing, this is the best mosquito net for families. The fabric is handcrafted polyester, with a 225 holes per square inch mesh. There are both conical as well as rectangular options available. It is easy to set up and quite convenient to clean and maintain as well. The fabric can be machine washed. This net could also be used outdoors.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Easy to assemble;
  • Comes with a handy carry bag;
  • Made from sturdy materials;

  • Not a perfect fit for queen size beds;
  • Slightly short, might not work for high ceilings;

EVEN Naturals Mosquito Net

4. Crocnfrog Mosquito Net for Baby Stroller

This is a mosquito net designed specifically for children and babies. The best mosquito net for babies, it can fit on most strollers, and comes in a very compact size. It has the right size for secure installation on strollers and cradles. Plus, it is also very easy to install. The design can conveniently be tucked away while not in use. This net is also compatible with cradles, bassinets, and car seats.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Product designed specifically for babies;
  • Versatile product, works on many strollers and cradles;
  • Provides good ventilation and shade as well;

  • The elastic on the net can cause some hassle;
  • May not work on baby beds;

Crocnfrog Mosquito Net

3. Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net

This Sea to Summit model is the second best mosquito net for head out there, with a very fine 500 hole per square inch mesh. The net is made from soft multifilament polyester, and comes with an elastic cord closure at the neck. It is large enough to be worn over a hat as well. The black color offers improved visibility compared to other color options. It comes in two variants, one without chemical treatment, and one treated with permethrin.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Ultra fine mesh keeps almost every bug out;
  • Large size, ideal for use with hats;
  • The elastic closure keeps it secure;

  • May not work properly without a hat;
  • Not really secure against no-see-ums;

Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net

2. Coleman 2000014864 Mosquito Head Net

This is the best mosquito net for head sold online, ideal for hiking, camping, and other outdoor expeditions. The fine mesh net has a one-size-fits-all design, with elastic at the neck to hold it securely in place. It can work with or without headgear like hats and caps. The Coleman Insect net offers excellent protection as well as visibility. It has a generous size, yet can be bunched up stored in your pocket.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Works with or without hats;
  • Very lightweight and breathable design;
  • Works well against mosquitoes;

  • Might feel small for people with larger heads, or wider hats;
  • Not very effective against smaller bugs, like no-see-ums;

Coleman 2000003267 Insect Head Net

1. Coghlan’s Mosquito Net

This is probably the best mosquito net around, with multiple options in different size and mesh combinations to choose from. This mosquito net is quite versatile, and can be used on indoor beds as well as in camping situations or picnics. It comes with a secure floor base which offers maximum protection against all kinds of insects and bugs. The net has a durable design, with reinforced metal ties on all corners and sides. These help anchor it and allow you to hang the net anywhere.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Available in perfectly designed variants;
  • Comes with a floor base and reinforced metal tabs;
  • Can work on regular beds, inside tents, and even over hammocks;

  • Not as easy to setup as other nets;
  • Not useful for larger beds;

Coghlan's Mosquito Net


Mosquito nets come in all shapes and sizes. You can find canopies large and small for all types of beds, as well as smaller head nets, and even nets for baby strollers. If you want to permanently get rid of mosquitoes, you might also take a look at the best mosquito killer options you have. Please leave a comment if you found our list of the best mosquito net variants useful. Thanks for visiting!

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