10 Best Pencil Cases in 2018

Pencil cases make it easy to keep all your writing utensils in one convenient place. Students, artists, and office workers want to know which is the best pencil case for university, secondary school, primary school, or the office. You might be curious about the best pencil case for organizing your home desk as well. Here are some of the best-selling pencil cases you can find online, chosen from selections that have a high rating and positive customer reviews.

Top 10 Best Pencil Cases Overview

Product Name TBR Recommendation
Best Pencil Cases Kipling 100 Pens Pencil CaseKipling 100 Pens Pencil Case Best large pencil case
Best Pencil Cases LIHIT LAB Pen CaseLIHIT LAB Pen Case Best compact pencil case
Best Pencil Cases Zipit ZTM Ben 1 Monster Pencil CaseZipit ZTM Ben 1 Monster Pencil Case Best novelty pencil case
Best Pencil Cases Five Star Zipper PouchFive Star Zipper Pouch Most resistant pencil case
Best Pencil Cases Homecube Pencil CaseHomecube Pencil Case Best organized pencil case
Best Pencil Cases School Smarts 1 Orange Zippered Pencil PouchSchool Smarts 1 Orange Zippered Pencil Pouch Most sturdy pencil case
Best Pencil Cases ADVANTUS Large Soft-Sided Pencil CaseADVANTUS Large Soft-Sided Pencil Case Best rectangular pencil case
Best Pencil Cases Homecube Big Capacity Pencil CaseHomecube Big Capacity Pencil Case Best design pencil case
Best Pencil CasesStaples 3-Ring Pencil Pouch Best canvas pencil case
Best Pencil Cases Sterilite Pencil BoxSterilite Pencil Box Best plastic pencil case

10. Kipling 100 Pens Pencil Case

This 100 pens pencil case may be the best pencil case for you if you need to store a lot of pencils, pens, or markers in one portable place. It has one compartment with 12 pencil sleeves and another with 14 pencil sleeves. The entire case opens like a book, and it is secured with a zipper. It comes in several solid color choices. Various fanciful patterns are also available.


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9. LIHIT LAB Pen Case

This long, narrow case is ideal for pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, and other long writing utensils. It has two zippered compartments, two external pouches, and a detachable flap inside the main compartment that you can use to store small items such as paperclips. Color choices include black, brown, yellow green, and orange.


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8. Zipit ZTM Ben 1 Monster Pencil Case

This monster-shaped pencil case may be the best pencil case for you if you like a touch of whimsy. Your pencils and other supplies go into the monster’s “mouth,” and then you can zip the mouth shut, securing your belongings. There are several other color choices like black, orange, blue, and pink. Each color is a different monster character. The lime green monster only has one eye, and the pink monster has long eyelashes. The polyester material makes this pencil case durable enough to hold scissors. Alternatively, it could be used as a cell phone case.


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7. Five Star Zipper Pouch

This zippered pencil pouch fits in a standard 3-ring binder. It has three zippered pouches for separating and organizing your pencils and other writing supplies and stationery items. The items inside can be viewed through the pouch’s puncture-resistant micro-mesh weave, so they’re both secure and easy to find.


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6. Homecube Pencil Case

Homecube’s larger-size pencil bag may be the best pencil case for you if you have a lot of school/office/art supplies/stationery items to store, organize, and carry. It has two zippered compartments and two front pouches. The front pouches do not close. Interior pouches and straps allow for easy organization of up to 80 pencils, pens, or markers. This versatile bag can also be used to store makeup. Color choices are green, black, rose red, or coffee.


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5. School Smarts 1 Orange Zippered Pencil Pouch

This nylon pencil pouch fits inside any standard 3-ring binder. Its sturdy nylon design can hold relatively heavy items, such as makeup containers or even small tools, as well as pencils, pens, highlighters, and other school supplies. The mesh and plastic outer window stores items securely, yet still allows you to see them. Alternate colors include black, pink, red, and purple.


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4. ADVANTUS Large Soft-Sided Pencil Case

This rectangular pencil case measures 8.75 x 5.25 inches. It zips shut like a pencil pouch, but has the durability of a canvas pencil case. This pencil case might be the best pencil case for a younger student’s desk, since the zipper closure keeps the items secure, yet the soft-sided case can’t be cracked like a plastic case could.


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3. Homecube Big Capacity Pencil Case

With a rectangular shape with rounded corners, this pencil case has an attractive design and holds up to 45 pencils, pens, or markers. The center flap has soft fabric rings that hold your most-used writing utensils in place right where you can easily access them, and a small mesh pouch can be used to hold small notes and other items. Pink is the color we chose today, but there are three other color choices available: black, green, coffee, and blue. This pencil case is made of durable canvas and zips closed.


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2. Staples 3-Ring Pencil Pouch

This may be the best pencil case for you if you’re looking for an inexpensive pencil pouch that snaps inside a standard-sized 3-ring binder. One of the best-selling pencil holders online, this is a canvas pouch with a solid main compartment that zips shut for pencils, pens, erasers, etc. The smaller outer pouch looks like a mesh front that zips closed. You can use it to hold a small calculator or other commonly-used items.

This may not be the best pencil case for younger children, since they can tear the mesh outer pouch if they do not use it gently, or if they shove it into a backpack without the protection of the 3-ring binder.


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1. Sterilite Pencil Box

The best pencil case on our list is the Sterilite pencil box which measures 8 3/8″ length by 5 5/8″ width by 2 1/8″ height. This rectangular pencil case snaps shut. Designed for school use, the pencil box is made of translucent plastic that allows you to see your writing utensils from every angle. Long enough to hold #2 pencils and most standard-sized pens, you can also use this pencil box to hold crayons, glue bottles, and other stationery items for the classroom.


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You have plenty of choices when searching for the best pencil case for school, work, sketching, or whatever you use your pencils for. If you are looking for quality stationery items, you might also like to shop for the best mechanical pencil or the best pen for writing for your work or school desk. What do you think of these options? Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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