10 Best Pens for Writing in 2018

Pens come in a wide range of styles that each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the pen type that you prefer to use will be determined by your individual preferences. Our article is going to review 10 of the best pens for writing. We will include selections of the most common pen types and will rank our selections by popularity.

Top 10 Best Pens for Writing Overview

10. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

For fans of fountain style pens, one of the best pens for writing available is this one from the Pilot Metropolitan collection. Available in three styles, this classic pen design is ideal for professionals in virtually any business sector.

The point is classified as fine, and is great for creating intricate signatures, as well as detailed shading work. It also comes with a stylish storage case that keeps your pen safe when it’s not in use. As far as cartridges go, it comes with one standard black ink cartridge.


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9. IDEAPOOL Luxury Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for a friend or family member who recently received a promotion, this is a great product to check out. The exterior of this pen features handcrafted rosewood that is beautifully detailed.

The package includes two ink cartridges in total, and the replacements are quite affordable as well. If you want to really surprise that special someone, you can opt for the rosewood storage case package as well.


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8. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen

The Pilot G2 series offers another one of the best pens for writing. Classified as a gel pen type, the ink dries almost instantly, and it provides a much smoother writing experience. With the unique comfort grip design, these pens are also quite comfortable to use for extended periods.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, these pens are quite affordable too. Each package contains 12 pens that are refillable. In addition, there are multiple ink color choices to choose from as well. Ultimately, this is a great pen that balances comfort with a low purchase price in one convenient package.


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7. Parker 1953170 Jotter Ballpoint Pen

The Parker 1953170 Jotter pen is another excellent choice to consider. The most popular version of this pen is the polished stainless steel finish one. However, the pen comes in 16 additional style choices to suit your personal preferences.

The retractable design of the pen helps keep the ink from drying out when it’s not in use. In addition, the pen comes in a decorative gift box that is ideal for anniversaries and other important occasions. If you prefer to stick with a gel or fountain type instead, you can choose the same style using one of those configurations instead.


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6. Tanmit Gel Pens Retractable Black Ink Rollerball Pen

For businesses and other places that tend to go through pens quickly, Tanmit may be one of the best pens for writing in the budget-friendly category. Each package includes 18 gel type pens that dry relatively quickly. Their standard package is black. However, you can also opt for a 36-count colored variety instead.

The only downside we discovered is that they are not refillable. However, it’s still a great low-cost solution for offices and other professional spaces that tend to burn through their office supplies quickly.


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5. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

Individuals who are fans of calligraphy may want to check out these Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens. The thing that stands out most with this particular pen design is the semi-flexible tip. This allows users to create more flowing scripts naturally.

This also makes this pen set a great option for basic artwork too. The set includes two different pens with a firm and soft tip. We also like that the ink is water-based for easy cleanup. Ultimately, this is a great option for people who prefer to create decorative writing samples.


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4. Dryden Designs Luxury Fountain Pen

Featuring a classic medium nib design, this fountain pen is one of the most stylish best pens for writing. This pen comes in four different bright colors that are sure to catch the attention of your coworkers and friends. With its ErgoComfort technology, it’s also quite comfortable to use for both left and right-handed users.

We also like that the manufacturer backs their product with a 100 percent money back guarantee. The only issue we found is that you have to purchase the ink packs separately. However, you can easily find them on popular sites like Amazon.

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3. Cambond Ballpoint Pen

With an all-metal design, Cambond’s ballpoint pens have just the right amount of weight to help reduce fatigue with continued use. The three style choices to choose from are all silver, gold, and glazed silver.

We also like that these pens are fully retractable to help extend the lifespan of the ink. In addition, the pens include a backup ink cartridge as well. This makes this a very affordable option for busy office spaces.


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2. Golden State Ink Designer Luxury Handcrafted Fountain Pen and Case

Golden State Ink makes our number two best pens for writing. These pens are handcrafted and come in three beautiful styles. From classic rosewood to modern bamboo, you should have no problem finding the pen that matches your unique preferences.

Each pen includes a decorative storage case for easy storage as well. Compatible with most standard bottled ink, you can also opt for short international ink cartridges as well. The only downside is that you have to purchase the ink separately.

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1. BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ball Pen

For general writing needs, BIC’s Round Stic Xtra Life series remains the most popular choice around. These pens are extremely budget-friendly and easy to use. Their disposable nature makes them an ideal pick for high-volume businesses where customers tend to mistakenly take pens.

Due to advancements in their ink technology, BIC’s Xtra Life series lasts an estimated 90 percent longer. In addition, each pen comes with a cap to help prevent the tip from drying out. The barrel is flexible and round, which makes the pen comfortable to hold. The pens are non-refillable.


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The products we reviewed are all among the best pens for writing. With options like ballpoint pens, gel pens, and fountain pens, you should have no issue finding the perfect pen for you. If there is a pen that you feel should be mentioned, please tell us about it in the comments area.

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