10 Best Photo Books

Even as we fill our smartphones with thousands of pictures and edit our best snapshots for social media, the old-fashioned photo book is coming back into style. Now more than ever, people want memories they can touch and hold. Here you’ll find the best photo books available, ranked for their quality, attractiveness, and how much “bang” you get for your buck. These albums serve as beautiful capsules for your favorite moments.

10. Nutmeg Photo Album

nutmeg photo album

Some photos are closer to your heart than others. This small (about 7″x5″), portable “brag book” holds 48 photographs. It is an authentic nutmeg brown, though brighter “Raspberry” and “Sky Blue” versions are available.

The photos are safe behind an embossed imitation leather hardcover with a magnetic closure. Some have found the plastic pockets within to be flimsy and wrinkly, but for an inexpensive, travel-friendly photo keeper, this album performs well.

9. 2UP “Family Tree” Photo Album

2up photo album

Trees are the motif of this album. A vine pattern loops over the inside covers. Little trees decorate the blank lines on which you can write photo descriptions. The word “family” sits beneath the tree stamped onto the distressed leather cover.

4″x6″ photographs fit into the book’s plastic sleeves–two per page, 120 total. Though the pages are photo-safe, the plastic is quite delicate and crumples easily. Because the photo sleeves are open at the top, the pictures may poke out the top of the book. There are red and brown versions of this album.

8. GnD Our Adventure Book DIY Family Scrapbook Photo Album

gnd photo album

This photo book’s quirky cover recalls the “Adventure Book” from Disney/Pixar’s 2009 classic “Up.” 80 blank, antique brown pages invite you to record your adventures in multimedia. Each fits at least two 4″x6″ photographs. And thanks to a rope binder in the spine, you can add and remove pages from the book at will.

People who want to design and decorate their own scrapbook will appreciate this. Those who would prefer to simply insert their photos into pockets might find it too much work.

7. CaiulBasic Album Crab

caiulbasic photo album crab

Why “crab”? When open, this album stands on its own, doubling as a display for your photos. Regular photographs, however, won’t fit into this book. It’s made for trendy instant camera film, including that of the Fuji Instax Mini, Pringo 231, Fujifilm Instax SP 1, Polaroid PIC-300P and Polaroid Z2300.

This adorable book holds a total of 60 small photos, 3 per page. You will tuck pictures into slits in the pages instead of sliding them into plastic pockets. The Album Crab is available in a variety of colors.

6. Pioneer Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album

pioneer photo album

With its rounded bookbound frame and fabric cover, this photo book wouldn’t look out of place on a bookshelf. It holds 200 4″x6″ photographs in clear pockets–2 photos on each cream-colored page. Beside each pocket is a 2″ space labeled “Memo” where you can write a short photo description.

The book comes in 24 vibrant colors. It is acid, lignin, and PVC free, though some buyers have complained of a strong chemical smell. There is a 3.5″x3.5″ cover picture insert, but no window on the spine. This simple album is ideal for a themed photo collection.

5. Pioneer Collage Frame “Baby” Photo Album

pioneer collage photo album

You can easily take thousands of pictures of your baby, and an impressive 240 of them will fit into this album. On each page, there are three horizontal and two vertical pockets made of optimally clear plastic, tailored for 4″x6″ photographs. There are also five photo inserts on the leatherette front cover, where the word “BABY” is embossed.

The pages in this album are tightly bound and cannot be removed. Because there are five photos per page, there is no room for writing captions. This large, sturdy photo book comes in baby pink and blue.

4. Zoview Adhesive Scrapbook Photo Album Memory Book

zoview photo album

For a low price, this compact photo book provides 60 durable, interchangeable pages within an authentic country leather cover. Some attractive touches make this album a nice gift for a teen or preteen: a compass stamped onto the cover, a small wheel charm attached to a leather cord that wraps around the book, and an anchor charm dangling from the rope binding.

The album comes in several rustic jewel tones. Instead of plastic sleeves, it includes colorful photo corners that you must position and stick onto the page. The pages are acid free, but they have no protective covering.

3. We R Memory Keepers Classic Leather 3-Ring Album

we r memory photo album

Memory keeping is serious business. This heavy duty 13″x15″ three-ring binder boasts a classic leather cover with stitched edging, metal corner accents, and a metal insert on the spine where you can place a title card. The album is wrapped in high quality archival safe material.

It is more expensive than most; you’re paying for stronger materials and five high quality page protectors. Its bright aqua color ensures that it won’t get lost on the shelf.

2. Pioneer European Bonded Leather Photo Album

pioneer european photo album

Instead of individual pockets, this photo book contains full-page clear sleeves that fit up to four 5″x7″ photographs. 200 pictures will slide comfortably into 50 photo-safe pages. Users can inscribe photo descriptions into the narrow inner margins on the side of each page.

The album is bound in supple, hardwearing European leather, with fabric-lined inside covers. Enclosed is an order form for a custom brass title plate. This lightweight yet durable photo book comes in black, brown, and burgundy.

1. Golden State Art Photo Album

golden state photo album

If you’re looking for a photo book as lovely as your photos, this Golden State Art album fits the bill, with soft, gorgeous suede covers that range from brown to yellow to rich red. Bordered with elegant stitching, the front cover displays one 3″x3″ photo.

Inside are 200 clear, acid-free, PVC-free pockets. No need for adhesive–4″x6″ photographs slide sideways into the pockets. There is space to write memos on each page as well. This hardcover album is high quality for a relatively low price.


These photo books, with their wide range of colors, sizes, and styles, provide a safe place to organize your old photos and an excuse to get your new ones printed. The Golden State Art suede album takes the cake for quality and cost effectiveness. Which album would you purchase?

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