10 Best Portable Hammocks

Portable hammocks take what was once a stationary backyard luxury, and transform it into a more dynamic and useful item. Perfect for camping, the beach, a trip outdoors or a nice evening under the stars, everyone will love the convenience and ease of our best portable hammock picks. All of the items on this list meet a certain list of criteria to be chosen. First and foremost, they are affordable. All of these products can be purchased for below $200. Additionally, they are good quality portable hammocks, despite the low prices. User ratings and consumer satisfaction are other factors that played into the selection process. Read on if you are looking for an affordable portable folding hammock, camping hammock, or tree hammock.

10. Kammok Roo Camping Hammock

Beginning our list from most expensive to most affordable portable hammocks is the Kammok Roo Camping Hammock. This hammock spreads out to be the size of a queen bed at 10 ft. long and 5 ft. 7 in. wide. Made with rip-stop nylon LunarWave™ material, this portable hammock can safely hold an impressive weight of over 500 lbs. In addition, it comes with climbing-rated support in the form of Roo’s climbing carabiners and Dyneema slings for secure suspension. Although a pricier option, it seems the user ratings on Amazon are in agreement that the quality is worth the extra price tag.

Kammok Roo Camping Hammock

9. Eagle Nest Outfitters Double-Nest Hammock

The ENO Double-Nest hammock, as the name suggests, can easily hold two adults safely. It features triple interlocking stitching throughout its breathable nylon taffeta, allowing for an impressive 400 lbs. support. This ENO hammock is one of the best portable hammocks and comes with nautical grade line as well as aluminum carabineers. With over 2,000 user ratings on Amazon, it seems this portable hammock has been more rigorously tested than others. While a majority of consumers praise this portable hammock for its durability and functionality, some offer a word of caution about the price tag.

Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

8. Best Portable Camping Hammock – Fox Outfitters Alpha Double Camping Hammock

This lightweight, outdoor portable folding hammock is built with a proprietary rip stop nylon fabric that makes it both sturdy and comfortable. The nylon fabric is quick-drying and breathable, which makes it perfect for outdoor uses. With triple interlocking stitching, this portable hammock can hold up to 400 lbs. with  no issue. When unfolded, the draw string stuff sack features additionally as a convenient storage bag for smaller items. The Fox Outfitters Alpha portable hammock comes stock with two steel carabiners and two 5 ft. 6-inch nautical grade tree ropes with sleeves. With an average user rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, most customers agree the comfort of this portable tree hammock is one of its greatest features.

Alpha Double Camping Hammock

7. Saw Tooth Double Camping Hammock

Made from military-grade parachute nylon, this Saw Tooth hammock can hold some serious weight. Designed to fit two people comfortably, this portable tree hammock can hold 400 lbs. and spans 10 ft. long and 6.5 ft. wide. Complete with two tree straps with 14 different loops, this portable hammock is a breeze to set up. Also, with the additional carabiners, raising or lowering the height of the hammock is easy, simply place the carabiner in one of the different loops on the straps. 99% of users saw it fit to rate this hammock as a 4 or a 5.

Sawtooth Double Hammock

6. Yukon Outfitters Parachute Hammock with Net

The great thing about the Yukon Parachute Hammock is its ability to function as a bug net when you need it. Positioned one way, you can have a nice net above your Yukon hammock separating you from the bugs. When bugs are no issue, simply flip the hammock around and you have a normal portable hammock. The mildew resistant and quick drying nylon make it equipped for outdoors use. It comes with two interior pockets for easy storage of smaller belongings. Being on the smaller side, this hammock holds a maximum weight of 275 lbs. This portable hammock receives an average rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon with the main complaint being the lack of ropes or carabiners to hold this hammock to a tree.

Yukon Outfitters Parachute Hammock with Net

5. Neolite Trek Camping Hammock

Another portable folding hammock sold by Fox Outfitters, this one lends itself to easier portability and handling as it is smaller and lighter than the Alpha Double. Designed to sleep one person, this hammock spans 9 ft. 10 in. long and 4 ft. 7 in. wide. When folded together in its knapsack, the Neolite Trek Camping Hammock weighs only 13 oz. Even with it’s smaller design, this hammock can still hold up to 400 lbs. It is sold with two nautical grade tree straps with sleeves to protect the tree as well as two steel carabiners. Customers have a choice between 17 different colorways. It has received very positive ratings from over 400 customers on Amazon.

Neolite Trek Camping Sky Blue Hammock

4. TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock

Self-proclaimed as the #1 Premium Camping Hammock, the TNH Outdoors Hammock features a heavy nylon that provides extra support while still remaining lightweight. It is sold with two 9 ft. tree straps and spans a size of 10 ft. x 5 ft. Over 400 user ratings on Amazon are in overwhelming agreement that this is a quality portable camping hammock, especially for the price, making it one of the best portable hammocks on the market. Many users comment on how the quality is just as good, if not better than ENO’s more expensive portable hammock. This company also offers refunds and repairs for those customers who aren’t completely satisfied.

TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock

3. Simple Life Outfitters Nylon Camping Hammock

The Simple Life Outfitters hammock is specially designed for outdoor use. Its nylon material is lightweight and quick-drying making it a great candidate for camping. It comes equipped with two heavy-duty 10ft tree straps that make for a sturdy hold. This portable hammock is available in 5 different colorways. With a 396 lb. weight limit, the strength of the hammock is not sacrificed by its size. Out of 399 independent reviews on Amazon, our number 3 best portable hammock received a rating of 5 stars from 80% and 4 from 17%.

Simple Life Outfitters Nylon Camping Hammock

2. Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

With most double camping hammocks being on the more expensive side, this Winner Outfitters camping hammock is a great cheaper option. As the 210T Nylon Parachute material can hold an impressive weight of 500 lbs., this portable hammock has no trouble holding two adults comfortably. The package includes the 118 in. by 78 in. hammock, two steel carabiners, two tree straps and two protective tree sleeves. Winner Outfitters stands by their product offering a full refund for any customer unsatisfied with the product. Our second best portable hammock has an average rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon.

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

1. Best Portable Hammock – Mr. Colas Portable Nylon Hammock

Topping off our list of the best portable hammocks is Mr. Colas Nylon Hammock. This lightweight hammock is made from 100% nylon parachute material. It is breathable and quick drying which are important features for outdoor use. Despite its low price, this portable hammock can still hold an impressive 400 lbs. It comes standard with two tree straps, but no extra carabiners. On Amazon, the Mr. Colas Portable Hammock has a perfect average rating of 5 out of 5.

Mr. Colas Portable Nylon Hammock


As you can see, some of the best portable hammocks can be very affordable. Let us which one do you think is the best portable hammock for beach, camping, or your yard? Tell us which ones you like the best. Mention if any quality portable tree hammock or portable camping hammock didn’t make the list that you think are worthy. If you are already planning your summer holiday, you might also like to take a look at our best beach cabana tents.

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