10 Best Remote Controlled Cars for Toddlers

A remote-controlled car is a fine choice of toy for your toddler. While they can be lots of fun, they also provide added benefits like encouraging parallel play and sharing, working on hand-eye coordination. It’s important to choose something that will be fun but also easy to use, and with so many R/C cars on the market, this can be a challenge.
We’ve compiled a guide of our best remote controlled cars for toddlers, based on:

  • Entertainment Value
  • Ease of Use
  • Kid-friendly Features

10. Holy Stone RC Dump Truck Remote Control Car

holy stone remote control car

There are some nice features to this RC dump truck; a detachable figurine and a fast speed will keep toddlers entertained for hours. It’s very straightforward so that your child will have no trouble operating it, and the vibrant colors will certainly draw the eye. The sounds it plays are not loud, which is a definite plus for parents. However, we were disappointed that the dump truck doesn’t actually “dump”.
Some users noted that battery life drains quickly as well, and as it needs five, this is a downside.

9. Kid Galaxy My First RC School Bus.

kid galaxy remote control car

Themed toys are a great choice as they encourage imaginative play and help to facilitate it. This school bus from Kid Galaxy features a soft yet chunky design that is perfect for tiny hands to grasp, but also very safe to use. The steering wheel controller is a fun design that is simple to operate as well, so you know your child will enjoy it.
A note of caution: Kid Galaxy makes all of their cars on two frequencies, and they make various car models. If you purchase multiple cars, the controllers may affect other cars during parallel play.

8. Dinosaur Safari Toy RC Car

liberty imports remote control car

This one is great as it has several extras that will add long-lasting entertainment value for the tots. It has a great safari theme and some extra standalone toys that are enjoyable even without the car itself. Great, bright colors to catch the eye and some sound effects to add to it. Very simply-made and easy to use for young kids.
It does eat batteries rather quickly according to most users, so you may want to consider rechargeables. The constant music may become somewhat tiresome for parents after a time.

7. Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicle

fisher price remote control car

The number of features in this car give it very high entertainment value. It can turn and move at the same time, to encourage better hand-eye coordination. Parents also have the option of setting two different speeds depending on the age of their child. Speed can be increased as they grow for longevity. The small controller is easy to use and great for little hands. It also works well on carpeting, unlike some RC models.
Some users report that the range is very short and that some of the parts are delicate. It’s also pricey for a child’s toy.

6. Team R/C Cartoon R/C Race Car

team rc remote control car

This race car has a very simple yet attractive design that should appeal to toddlers. Bright and eye-catching, it will provide hours of great entertainment value. It also includes a removable figure to add to the fun or use on its own. The steering wheel control is a fun shape that is easy to use as well.
The songs and noises have been reported to be very loud, which can be a problem for some parents.

5. Holy Stone RC Cartoon Airplane

holy stone rc remote control airplane

Something a little different from the standard R/C car that may provide some added entertainment value for your child. This R/C “car” is actually an airplane that “flies” on the ground, great for imaginative play. an easy to use controller and chunky toy for small hands means that your child will be able to enjoy instantly. Also, includes a pilot figure. It does make sounds, but much quieter than some other models.

4. Haktoys HAK101 Invincible Tornado Twister

haktoys remote control car

This car has great entertainment value as it can do all of the things a “regular” R/C car can do, plus a few stunts, further entertaining your toddler. This, combined with the eye-catching LED lights, will be sure to stimulate both imaginative play and creativity. The light-up areas will attract and keep your child’s attention, and the controller is still easy to use as well.
Drives well on carpet too, unlike some models on the market. No real complaints, though some users say it can burn out after a few uses.

3. Kid Galaxy Amphibious RC Car Morphibians Shark

kid galaxy rc toy car

We like this one because it offers something a bit different, yet is still a very easy to use R/C controller with forward, reverse and turning capabilities. Made as an “all-terrain” toy for small children, it can even travel with them outdoors in most environments, greatly increasing both entertainment value and learning opportunities.
Note that while the car can work in shallow water, the controller cannot get wet. This may be a difficult concept for very young children to grasp at first, and a possible downside.

2. KidiRace Stunt Car

kidirace remote control car

Another car that does a little more than just the standard backward, forwards and turning. Even so, it is still simple to use so that your young child can get hours of fun out of it. We particularly like that the car works even upside down as there is not technically a “right” side. This makes it not only easy and fun but increases hand-eye coordination and learning.
Also, has lights and sounds to grab and hold their attention and increase play time.

1. Holy Stone Cartoon Crocodile RC Car

holy stone remote control car

This R/C crocodile is our pick for best remote controlled car for toddlers.
Not only does it have great sound effects and vibrant colors to attract kids and keep them entertained, but the sounds are not so loud as to become tiresome for adults. The crocodile shape provides high entertainment value by being different and fun while adding a nice creative aspect to the toy.
Has great safety features for small kids as well, and won’t leave scratches or marks on the floor or walls.

Our Summary

We think any of these will be the perfect remote controlled car for your small toddler. It’s simply a matter of choosing the most fun shapes, colors or themes that you think your child will enjoy. There are some variations in price and features, but all will be easy to use and provide hours of entertainment.

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