10 Best Sewing Kits

Whether you have years of experience or if you’re just a beginner, every tailor or seamstress needs a sewing kit to do his or her job. The best sewing kit should include tailors chalk, measuring gauge pins, needles, thread, seam unpicker, scissors, pinking shears, press cloth, a selection of buttons, and other odds and ends. Depending on the job that you want to perform, choose the kit that includes the relevant sewing tools for you.

Our top of best sewing kits includes both professional and beginner’s kits, as well as portable/travel kits. The selection is chosen based on reviews left by customers. Every selection below received an average rating of 4.5 stars or greater on Amazon.

10. Sewing Gear Compact Sewing Kit

Sewing Gear’s sewing kit includes scissors, needles, thread, safety pins, measuring tape, buttons, threaders, pins, seam ripper, and a thimble. The pin heads are colorful and large, so they will be easy to see while making repairs.
If dissatisfied with the product, the company owner is willing to work with you to rectify any issues you might have by either refunding or replacing. However, the needles might not be durable enough for heavier fabrics. Another drawback is that the plastic case carrying needles is difficult to open, so you might need to break it to access the needles inside.

Sewing Gear Compact Sewing Kit

9. Kanggardo Sewing Kit

Kanggardo’s kit includes all standard sewing kit items plus a magnifier, nail clipper, tweezers, pin cushion, and a fabric pencil. There are 20 colorful threads to choose from, and each reel is 500 yards in length. This kit’s zip-up case provides easy access to items inside. The inclusion of 30 assorted needles, measuring tape, and plenty of thread makes this the best sewing kit for beginners. Unfortunately, only one seam ripper is included in this kit, so be careful not to misplace this item.

Kanggardo Sewing Kit

8. Evergreen Art Supply Sewing Kit Bundle with Accessories

Other than standard supplies found in sewing kits, Evergreen’s kits have a notable inclusion of quality metal tools, as well as 40 spools of thread. The variety of thread colors makes it easier to match fabrics for basic repairs. Additionally, Evergreen supplies two spools of the same color, so you will have a replacement spool readily available. A minus of this kit is that the elastic inside the kit used to secure items does not hold well. While most of the tools in this kit are durable, the needles might not up to the quality as professed by Evergreen’s advertising team.

Evergreen Art Supply Sewing Kit

7. Professional Sewing Kit Girl Sew Cool Jumbo DIY Fabric Mini Travel Kit

This kit includes over 80 sewing accessories, and 24 thread colors to choose from. It also contains snaps, two threaders, and a magnifying glass. This is probably the best sewing kit for repairs, such as mending tears or replacing buttons. The quality of the thimble is notably durable. However, the needles in this kit are less than satisfactory, and easily bend or snap. The scissors provided are fairly small. Therefore, this would not be the best sewing kit for heavy-duty projects.

Laideli Professional Sewing Kit

6. S-JIANG Sewing Kit

The S-JIANG Sewing Kit is advertised as the best professional sewing kit, as it has durable tools. Along with 24 standard needles, the S-JIANG also has five stainless steel needles. The needles provided in this kit are very durable, and can handle more strenuous projects. The kit itself is compact, and can easily be toted in a purse or backpack.On the negative side, the thread spools in this kit are rather thin, so will need to be replaced sooner than spools found in other kits. Also, this kit does not come with pins.

S-JIANG 69 Pieces Professional Sewing Kit

5. INNOCHEER Sewing Kit

INNOCHEER holds the title of #1 Best Seller in the category of Needle Felting Needles on Amazon. It has easy-to-hold threaders and, interestingly, nail clippers. The case itself is slim and easy to transport. The INNOCHEER is the best sewing kit when it comes to an organized structure. All items are easy to access and easy to put away. The thread, however, has fair durability, but the manufacturer recommends doubling up the thread when working with heavier fabrics like jeans.


4. Veliis Sewing Kit

Veliss sewing kit case comes in either black or pink. The case is made with a waterproof material to prevent destruction from spills. Along with standard products, this kit also comes with a crochet needle, making it the best sewing kit for multifaceted art projects. 30 needles are provided, but one plastic needle is also included, making it easy to work with knitted fabrics needing repair. On the downside, the thread variety is a little lacking with only 18 options available. Additionally, the spools themselves are not standard size.

Vellis Sewing Kit Bundle

3. Kasimir Sewing Kit

The Kasimir Sewing Kit kit does not have as many accessories as most of the other kits on this list, but the items chosen are practical and necessary. This is the best sewing kit to use for emergency mending when you’re on the go. It has all the essentials, and the case is very compact, making it perfect to keep in your car or your desk at work. Be aware, though, that the needles are not durable enough for medium to heavy fabrics. The threader provided is also of fair to poor quality and has been reported to break after a couple uses.

Kasimir Sewing Kit 142 Sewing Accessories

2. Feramox Sewing Kit

Feramox’s kit comes with plenty of pins and needles. The pins have large, brightly colored heads, and the needles are of varying sizes to suit your project needs. The elastic placeholders in this kit keep all items secure. The seam ripper has a brightly colored plastic handle, which is easy to spot and easy to grasp. A small minus is that the color variation of the thread provided is a little lacking, and has an overabundance of blues and purples.

Feramox Sewing Kit Over 120 Accessories

1. TARTINY Mini Travel Sewing Kit for Home, Travel & Emergencies

When searching for a sewing kit, this TARTINY mini travel sewing kit is first on the search results as the perfect kit for home, travel, and emergency. It comes with stainless steel scissors, one plastic needle, and 30 needles of varying sizes. The TARTINY mini travel kit is a comprehensive sewing kit. The slightly curved scissors make cutting through fabric a breeze. The thimble provided in this kit, though, is a bit small, so will not be suitable for larger sewing projects or for people who have larger hands.

TARTINY Mini Travel Sewing KitTARTINY Mini Travel Sewing Kit


Sewing kits are useful and practical items to keep on hand. If you do end up needing one, it would save you time and money in the long run to purchase a complete and quality kit. Also, if you are serious about this hobby, a sewing machine might be your next purchase, so you might like our review of the best sewing machines. What is thee best sewing kit in your opinion? Share your input in the comment form below! Thank you for reading our review!

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