10 Best Smelling Cologne for Men

Scents activate memory. This means that colognes reflect a reminiscent aspect of its wearer. It’s best to pick a scent that suits your personality type. Usually, woody colognes give a sense of masculinity, which is why many manufactures add woody undertones to fragrances marketed for men. Pine-like scents go great with colder seasons like Autumn or Winter while lighter, citrus-like scents fit Spring and Summer. This is because higher temperatures open pores and can intensify a cologne’s scent while cold weather tends to tighten pores which lessens the scent. This list of best smelling cologne for men is based on the feedback from average cologne users, as well as the readers and editors of Esquire, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and Men’s Fitness.

10. Voyage For Men by Nautica

voyage for men by nautica

This fragrance is a good starter for men who are not used to wearing cologne. It is light scent pleasant that is especially well-suited for Summer. The scent has a fusion of moss and amber. Nautica also blends rich undertones of apple, water lotus, mimosa, and cedar wood. It is a versatile cologne for day or night, but not recommended for more formal settings. It has an 85% Approval Rating on Amazon out of 4,635 reviews.

9. Noir EDT by Tom Ford

noir edt men by tom ford

This scent is a reinterpretation of the classic noir cologne. It fuses a variety of citrus oils such as lemon, sage, and cardamom. A sensual, passionate fragrance for confident men. It is no wonder why it was picked as Esquire’s Top 20 Summer Picks in 2015. It has herbal top notes heartily fused with Bulgarian rose, Tuscan iris, and Verbena flowers. At the base there are notes of black pepper, nutmeg, leather, and patchouli oil. Rather than a light scent, it’s more of a sweet and spicy fragrance.

8. Safari by Ralph Lauren

safari by ralph lauren

The fragrance was also chosen as Esquire’s 20 Favorite Scents For Summer. It has spices of lavender and amber. There are undertones of cinnamon, oak moss, and lemon. The scent blends sandalwood and leather oil for a manly touch. Lavender, clove, and vetiver make this an interesting scent, but not so much that it feels overwhelming. Users praise the scent for its warm set of exotic spices and classiness that make the scent suited for not only suited for Summer, but Winter and Autumn as well.

7. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani

armani code by giorgio armani

The ingredients of the fragrance includes Lemon, Bergamot, Guaiac Wood, Tonka Bean, and undertones of Mediterranean Aroma. There is also tones of apple, lavender, cumin, and citrus oil. Users recommend for the fragrance to be added to any collection, as the scent doesn’t overwhelm, it can be a pleasant one to enjoy. The representative model for Armani Code is Star Trek and Wonder Woman’s Chris Pine. It gives off a distinct first impression that is particularly popular with males in their twenties.

6. Homme by David Beckham

david beckham homme

Homme is inspired by the soccer star, David Beckham. Beckham has about six fragrances to his name, two of which were launched with his wife Victoria Beckham. Some users of the Toilette Spray who weren’t fans of Beckham were glad to get this fragrance because of the good and long lasting scent. It was #6 on Men’s Fitness list of Scents that Drive Women Wild.It’s recommended for a nice date and was manufactured in Spain. This cologne has a combination of fresh and woodsy tones. It has a hint of citrus mixed with pine, and cashmere wood.

5. Hugo for Men by Hugo Boss

hugo for men by hugo boss

It is considered as a classic cologne with a distinct and attractive scent. The 2.5 Ounce Toilette Spray o is manufactured in the United Kingdom. The fragrance has woody hints, fresh citrus, and leaf spices. Rather than Eau de Parfum fragrances that contain 8-14% perfume oil, Eau de Toilette scents contain 5-9%. This means the average time they last are three to four hours. It is popular with 20 year olds and up.

4. Artisan by John Varvatos

artisan by john varvatos

Ranked #1 as Men’s Fitness Top Fragrances that will “drive women wild”, Artisan by John Varvatos comes in a stylish brown hand-woven flask that gives off a woodsy aura. The top notes include Spanish marjoram spices, wild thyme, and tangelo. It combines an Indian plant named Murraya with lavender, ginger roots, and Mexican winter oranges. At the base the fragrance is complimented with ambery belambre and georgywood. It matches citrus with forest-like accents making it appropriate for each season with the right discrepancy. It’s well-suited for guys who favor a more natural scent or enjoy outdoors activities. It has a 77% approval rating out of 262 reviews. It’s known to last about three to four hours.

3. The One by Dolce & Gabbana

the one by dolce gabbana

The One was chosen as the #1 scent Women Love on Guys by Cosmopolitan. A top pick for rugged men, it’s perfect for those who don’t want anything too overwhelming or “cologne-y”. Matthew McConaughey is the face of the one, with a rough surfer image, he knows how to be smooth on camera. The fragrance portrays a manly base with tobacco oil, amber, and cedar wood. At the top, there is an upbeat blend of grapefruit, coriander, and basil. The scent also carries warm spices of cardamom and ginger.

2. Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

acqua di gio by giorgio armani

Acqua di Gio is a good choice for those who are new to wearing fragrances. A modern expression of masculinity, the Eau De Toilette gives an impression of an aquatic breeze with fruits, herbs, and forest-like hints. Fans of the fragrance say that it has a high quality scent as expected of Giorgio Armani. It has a light, fresh scent so doesn’t come off as overbearing or overwhelming to others. The fragrance has a woody base with a blend of spice and citrus, making it suited for any season. The Eau De Toilette that gives off a mysterious and alluring vibe is known to be a popular choice among men 20 through 50.

1. Pour Homme by Versace

versace pur homme

Pour Homme by Versace is ranked on Cosmopolitan reader’s Top 5 Scents Women Love and Men’s Health Top 10 list for men’s cologne. The undertones of roses exudes a softer feel to the fragrance as it mixes with earthy cedar notes. The fragrance was chosen a top match for bachelors. It is recommended to keep all fragrances in a dry cool place for optimal use.

These fragrances are some of the best smelling cologne for men based on magazine editorials and user results. The most important fact to remember about wearing fragrances is how the scent will compliment or amplify your primal scent and whether it matches with your personality. Several factors can influence the natural aroma of your skin and the way fragrances smell on you. Factors like dry or oily skin can affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after application. Other examples include mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications. Are you new to colognes or have your repertoire set? Mention some of your favorites down below.

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