10 Best Survival Knives

Survival knives are not only for adventurers and survivalists, in fact, anyone can find themselves in a position where they may benefit from having one. The following has the best survival knives to have on hand for any survival or emergency situation. They are listed from lowest to highest price to help you find what you can afford.

10. Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife by Gerber

After collaborating with Bear Grylls, Gerber has made a knife that is designed to be utilized in a survival situation. This survival knife comes in a sheath that is equipped with a fire starter, knife sharpener, a rescue whistle and a survival guide prepared by Bear Grylls himself. The knife itself is full tang and has a 4.8” blade. You can get one of the best survival knives that is used and inspired by a professional survivalist for $69.29.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

9. BlizeTec Survival Knife

BlizeTec has created a 5-in-1 task knife that can be holstered into the included pouch. This survival knife was made to keep you prepared for many different circumstances with its 5 different functional features. The BlizeTec survival knife has a flashlight, a fire starter, a seat belt cutter, a glass breaker, and a serrated saw section on the blade. For $38.98 you will get this all in one knife and its carrying pouch. You can receive a 10% discount if you buy this knife with other qualifying BlizeTec products.

BlizeTec Survival Knife

8. Maxam Survival Knife

Maxam’s Survival Knife comes with many additional items that can be stored in the handle. These items are secured in a small container that slides into the knifes handle. Each of the items stored are carefully selected for different survival needs. This knife also comes with a sheath that can be attached to your belt loop for easy carrying. There is an additional blade that can fit into the sheath as well. You can get this knife and the included items for $34.95.

Maxam SKJSK Survival Knife

7. Chaos Ready Survival Knife

The Survival Knife by Chaos Ready is efficiently designed to give you more functionality with less bulk. The blade has a sharp tip with some serration on the shaft for maximum performance. There is also a bottle opener on the dull side of the blade and a thumb stud for easy blade opening. On the handle, there is a flashlight, a fire starter, a window breaker, a seat belt cutter, and a clip on the side so you can easily take this knife with you. You can get yourself chaos ready with this survival knife for $24.99.

Chaos Ready 5 in 1 Survival Knife

6. Rothco Deluxe Adventure Survival Knife Kit

The Deluxe Adventure Survival Knife Kit by Rothco gives you an edge in a survival setting. This knife is over 10 inches long and packed full of useful extras. The handle houses fishing accessories, bandages, a signal mirror, a pencil, a harpoon tip, and other equally convenient items. This knife also comes with a sheath that has a belt strap for easy transport. You can get this entire kit for $23.79.

Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife

5. U.S. Marine Survival Knife by MTech

This survival knife is licensed by the United States Marine Corps and holds up to their standards. MTech has designed this knife to be strong and easy to use. The blade is partially serrated and comes with a thumb bit for single hand opening. The side clip allows you to take this knife along with no discomfort. You can experience the rugged quality of this knife for $15.95.


4. The Vermillion Survival Knife Kit

Whetstone Cutlery has created a survival knife with a dual-sided blade for cutting and sawing. The handle is hollow and has a waterproof container that fits snugly into the vacancy for safe storage of small necessities. This knife comes in the Vermillion Survival Knife Kit which also includes a sheath, a compass, and several small items that can be stored in the waterproof container located in the handle. For $14.34 you will receive the entire Vermillion Survival Knife Kit by Whetstone Cutlery.

Whetstone Cutlery Survival Knife Kit

3. Coleman Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Colemans’s Survival Knife has two different serrations on one side of the blade and a full-length sharp edge on the other side. There are included survival items that can be stored in the hollowed barrel of the handle. The cap to the hollowed handle is also a compass and can be read without removing it. This knife comes with a low profile sheath for better versatility. You can carry the Coleman Fixed Blade Survival Knife and its included contents for $9.99.

Coleman Fixed Blade Survival Knife

2. Rogue River Tactical Survival Knife

The Rogue River Tactical Survival Knife comes with small supplies that fit into the base of the handle. These additional supplies are typical of a small survival kit with more of a fishing and river angle. This knife is 9.5 inches long and has two separate serrations on the stainless steel blade. Although this blade is not full tang, it is very durable and sturdy. For $11.15 you will receive the knife, its sheath, and all of the items included in the survival kit.

Rogue River Tactical Hunting Knife Survival Kit

1. SE Outdoor Tanto Survival Knife

This full tang survival knife is seven inches long and comes rather sharp. The handle is wrapped with cording for a more comfortable grip. The cording can easily be removed if the need for it should arise. The blade is a true Tanto style design with deep serrations on one side. This knife comes with a fire starter that can easily slide along side the blade in the included sheath. You can get the Outdoor Tanto Survival Knife by SE for $7.25. If you purchase this knife with other qualifying products you can get free shipping.

SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife

Keep yourself prepared for any situation with one of the best survival knives and kits available. The knives listed can give you an advantage in survival conditions. These knives can also be beneficial in less critical situations and can provide convenience for outdoor activities. Please share any input or experience you may have regarding these knives.

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