10 Best Swim Caps for Men and Women

Swimming caps may not be inherently expensive, but buy the wrong one a few times and the costs add up significantly. You wear a cap to keep the hair from the face when swimming, and to protect the hair from the effects of chlorine, so finding that best swim cap for your time in the water is essential. Note that even with the best swim caps for men and women, it is hard to form a tight enough seal around the head to leave hair 100% dry after a dip. Here are some options or best swim caps for women and men, arranged from the most expensive to the most affordable.

10. Motring Women’s/Men’s Long Hair Skidproof Grain Silica

This large size swim cap is designed for both men and women with long hair. It contains silica gel, which is non-toxic, a common concern when buying swimming caps. The silicone stretches easily to provide a good fit without trouble for someone with long hair. It also has a non-slip thermal design to keep the head from getting cold when in the water. The cap disperses pressure very well to result in a comfortable fit. Coming in five different colors, this might be the best swim cap to keep hair dry.

Motring Long Hair Skidproof Grain Silica

9. Lahtak™ Extra Large Swimming Cap – Stylish

This Lahtak cap incorporates an elegant cut that gives you an attractive gear that suits any gender. There is no guarantee of 100% dry hair, but proper use will offer enough protection. It is made for long hair, including dreadlocks and curly manes, and is appropriate for recreational swimmers. Swim without interruptions and keep your pool clean by preventing the shedding of hair inside. The cap is durable due to its silicone material and is perfect for someone with allergies.

Lahtak Extra Large Swimming Cap

8. Cool Black Dragon Swim Cap for Men

This swim cap is one of those that make a statement. It has a stylish Asian design of a dragon with the red and white blending with the black of the cap. It fits snuggly around the head to give a tight fit for maximum protection and reduced resistance when swimming. The Cool Black Dragon is suitable for longhaired swimmers. Its design leaves space for hair to breathe for a hassle-free swim.

Cool Black Dragon Swim Cap

7. Tendol™ Silicone Swimming Caps with Ear Pockets

This silicon cap from Tendol is built with hydrodynamics in mind, to increase the speed of a swimmer. It does that by reducing the drag when in the water. The gear has pockets for the ears that allow you to provide protection while swimming. You get to keep your hair considerably dry and free from chlorine damage. As is typical of silicone, you get a durable cap that does not snag at your hair when putting it on. This swim cap is ideal for children, women, and men.

Tendol Silicone Swimming Cap

6. 2-IN-1 Premium Silicone Swim Cap – Reversible

The cap is wearable on both sides, meaning you get two for the price of one. These two sides are dissimilar in color, so it just looks like two different swim caps. It keeps your hair free of wrinkles, and is an ideal choice for both men and women due to its simple elegance. It is eco-friendly and odorless. You get protection for your ears as well, because it stretches comfortably to cover them. When you buy it, you get a free protective bag for carrying it around.

Swim Elite Premium Silicone Swim Cap

5. Latex Bubble Crepe Swim Bathing Cap with 3 Flowers

When considering the best swim caps for women, you don’t have to compromise on style. This cap is from the highest quality rubber and has a bubble-crepe texture design. What makes it stand out are the three flowers that line the side of the cap to give it flair without messing with the hydrodynamics too much. It is available in four different colors. The rubber allows it to stretch comfortably to fit most adults.

Latex Bubble Crepe Swim Bathing Cap

4. SealBuddy Silicone Swim Cap

Designed with an eco-friendly silicone material, the cap offers a durable product that is highly resistant to tear. Because the material stretches twice its size, the cap suits anyone with a head full of long hair. It also has non-snag capabilities, meaning you can get it on and off without pulling hair. When you order it, you get the cap plus three-tiered earplugs and high-quality non-pinch nose clips. You can also get the cap, nose clips/earplugs set, and SealBuddy PV10 Panoramic View goggles for an extra fee. This is one of the best best silicone swim cap options available.

SealBuddy Silicone Swim Cap

3. Twisted Pleated Stretchable Polyester Women’s Swim Turban

This swimming turban/cap provides excellent protection for your hair while taking a dip and looks very classy. The material is 100% polyester, so it stretches to accommodate any mane. There are six color variants to cater to different preferences. Besides swimming, you can also use the cap when bathing or even sleeping. It is a pull-on closure, meaning it is easy to wear, not to mention it doesn’t mess the hair. This number 3 best swim cap is designed for comfort, and its soft material makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Twisted Pleated Stretchable Polyester Women's Swim Turban

2. Swimtastic – Long Hair Swim Cap

This swimming cap is designed for long, thick and curly hair, which is always a challenge to keep in place when moving around in the water. The cap is aerodynamic, making your swimming activities smooth sailing. There are four color options; black, pink, blue, and purple, so you can find one to match your swimsuit. The high-quality silicone is what makes it one of the best swim caps for women. You can pair this second best swim cap with a Sync hair and ear guard headband.

Swimtastic Long Hair Swim Cap

1. Best swim cap – TYR Latex Swim Cap

When searching for the best swim caps for men without needing to spend a lot, this latex one fits the bill. This simply designed product is ideal for men. It stretches quite well, so you can use it even if you have long hair. The universal size makes it an ideal gear for a child as well. There are 14 color variants with some being florescent if you want to stay visible while in the water.

TYR Latex Swim Cap


Your options are unlimited when choosing the best swimming caps for men and women. Whether swimming professionally, for exercise, or recreation, there is a cap style that suits your requirements. Where you will be swimming also matters because the water in a pool presents different threats than that in the ocean. Consider hair length, head size, and comfort when searching for the best swim cap. You might also read our review of the best swimming goggles available online. If you have other great swim caps that can make the list, kindly give your take.

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