10 Best Thermal Drapes

Thermal drapes are a great option for anyone looking to keep cold air out and warm air in, or vice versa. The market has expanded in recent years; thermal drapes now come in a variety of styles and patterns designed to be functional and complement your decor. If you’re looking into adding thermal drapes to your home, there are some key things to consider: lining, maintenance and durability. The best thermal drapes have an optimal combination of all three factors.

You’ll want something that suits your needs–cooling or heating–and wears well, preferably while being easy to clean. We’ve chosen some of the best thermal drapes in these categories.

10. Deconovo Home Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

deconovo home thermal curtain

These spacious curtains work well on most window types, increasing their versatility. We especially like that they’re packed with features without breaking the bank. They have thick lining designed to regulate heat and cold well. These curtains also double to keep light out the way a blackout curtain should.
Best of all easy maintenance with simple handwashing and ironing.
A couple of things we wish were better are the blackout properties: it is marketed as a blackout curtain but many users claim it is not a “true” blackout curtain. There have also been some color mixups as well.

9. Grey Blackout Curtain for Bedroom – NICETOWN Thermal Insulated

nicetown thermal drapery

One of the things we like most about this model is that it is triple-woven lining, giving it both increased durability and light and sound absorption. That’s in addition to its regular heat regulation properties of course. Note that the lining here is black yarn; ideal for keeping cold out and heat in but as it is a dark lining, it’s not for cooling. THey’re easy to clean by hand and ready to use. Note that this price is for one panel only.

8. Eclipse 10707042X084CRL Kendall 42-Inch by 84-Inch Thermaback Room Darkening Single Panel

eclipse curtains thermal insulated

You get only one curtain with this order from Eclipse, but even so, it’s packed with features. It comes in a variety of colors to ensure that it blends well with your decor. It’s sized very well at 42×84 inches, fitting most homes. We’d recommend this model if you’re looking to keep warm in winter.
It is so durable, it’s marketed as rip-proof. In addition, you can dry clean or machine wash without damaging the lining.
It can be used to darken a room, but it is not ideal for those who wish complete darkness.

7. Royal Tradition – Meridian – GREY- Thermal Insulated Room-Darkening Curtain

royal tradition thermal curtains

We’ve chosen grey here, but like most thermal curtain options, there are a variety of colors from which to choose. Again, we would recommend these primarily for their heat-absorption lining. A few users do claim to have had success is using these curtains to cool down in the summer as well. These thermal curtains have excellent durability according to most users. Maintenance is also easy; you have the option to steam clean them or machine them. Be sure to use only cold water if the latter.
No big complaints here, though we must note that they are not true blackout curtains.

6. RHF Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Liner

rose home fashion thermal liner

If you already have regular curtains that you like, but you still want the light and heat/cold-blocking capabilities of thermal curtains, this may be a solution for you. This is simply a polyester thermal lining meant to be ready to hang on the curtains of your choice. Very durable yet light, the lining is said to block both heat and cold, useful all year round. It’s also advertised as a blackout curtain and unlike some other products, most users find it succeeds in this regard.

5. Maytex Mills Jardin Embroidered Thermal Window Curtain

maytex thermal curtain

We’re especially fond of the attractive embroidered pattern on this model. It not only performs well, but looks great too. Not only that, it is machine washable and easy to maintain. It will not shrink, fade, or lose effectiveness over long periods, making it highly durable as well. We recommend it primarily for heat in colder months as the dark lining absorbs and redistributes heat. Doesn’t seem to have light-blocking properties, but is great if pure thermal insulation is your goal.

4. Sun Zero Santana Folklore Thermal Lined Curtain Panel

sun zero thermal curtain

A great choice, though keep in mind this is for one panel; you may wish to purchase multiples for your curtain needs. Very easy to maintain given that you can throw it in the washer without worry when needed. They are also tested and certified energy-efficient given their heat retention properties. The manufacturer states they can also keep you cool in summer, though without seeing the lining it’s hard to say.

3. Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

best home fashion insulated curtains

These thermal curtains are triple-woven for added durability. They block heat and cold depending on the season and wear well over time. When they do show signs of wear, simply toss them in the washer for easy, stress-free maintenance. This is a beige model, but several very stylish varieties are available, with “antique” grommets to complete the look. Most users have success with their light-blocking properties as well.

2. H.Versailtex Turquoise Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

h versailtex insulated curtains

Another pair that really caught our eye; the color palette mixed with the attractive pattern will spruce up any room in the home. You can clean them easily when necessary using machine washing and low tumble dry settings. The lining is a specially-crafted yarn for superior performance and heat redistribution.
They have bonus features such as light reduction and noise cancellation as well.

1. MEROUS Thermal Insulated Window Panel Drapes

merous thermal insulated curtains

With an attractive pattern available in many colors and all of the properties you need, this design takes the spot for best thermal drapes. Machine washing makes maintenance a snap, and the triple-weave fabric is very durable, making sure they’ll last over time. An excellent option for keeping out both heat and cold at the times when you need them most. Even better, they still reduce some noise and light as a bonus. Currently, you can get them heavily reduced at almost a steal. No reason not to try a new set of thermal drapes today.

Our Summary

Whether you need to trap heat or cool air, most items on our list will work for you. A select few are specifically designed for one or the other. Simply choose the options that you need, and find a size, color and style from the manufacturers above that goes with your home decor.

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