10 Best Toasters

Whether you are looking for a quick snack or fixing a nutritious breakfast, toasters are an easy way to get your bread crisp and golden. With simple operation, these small appliances can be used by both cooking pros and kitchen novices.

In this article, find some of the best toasters out there. We considered each toaster’s price, ease of use, features and user reviews when ranking these top models. Read through this list to find the next toaster that deserves a spot in your kitchen.

10. Smeg 2-slice Toaster

smeg toaster

The Smeg 2-slice Toaster produces consistent, even results, and an easy-to-use dial allows consumers to adjust the toasting level of their bread. Compatible accessories for warming sandwiches and buns are sold separately. The toaster comes in a rainbow of colors and features a cool retro look. A higher price tag than most toasters on this list knocks its final score down. However, shoppers who are looking for a retro design in a particular color scheme will likely be quite satisfied with what they find in this Smeg model.

9. Oster Jellybean 2-slice

oster toaster

If your kitchen is home to a collection of bright and fun appliances, then the Oster Jellybean will fit right in. It comes in a colorful purple shade with black accents. It holds both bread and bagels, and it has adjustable darkness controls. Additional controls let you warm bread or toast it from frozen. A crumb tray makes cleanup easy. Like many pricier models, the Oster Jellybean has anti-jam features and a toast lift option.

8. Hamilton Beach Cool Wall 2-slice Toaster

hamilton beach cool wall

This basic model lacks some of the bells and whistles of other toasters on this list, but it features a price to match its budget design. For those consumers looking for a no-frills toaster at a low price, the Hamilton Beach Cool Wall may fit the bill nicely. It does have a dial with which to adjust the toasting level, and the bottom opens up to release crumbs. The slots are wide enough to hold bagels. Another nice thing about this toaster is that the outside stays cool to the touch even when the inside is hot.

7. Black and Decker 2-slice Toaster with Extra-Wide Self Centering Toaster Slots

black and decker toaster

The Black and Decker 2-slice toasts quickly and efficiently, and it offers a range of knob-adjustable shade settings at which to do it. Wide slots accommodate thick breakfast foods, and automatic centering helps hold more narrow items in place while toasting. The toaster has two special settings to help properly toast bagels and frozen items. A little large, this Black and Decker toaster is not the best option for those with limited space.

6. Krups Breakfast Set 2-slot Toaster

krups kh732d toaster

The Krups Breakfast Set Toaster is a handy way to prepare your morning toast. In case you aren’t fully awake in the morning, attractive LED lights indicate which toaster setting is in use. With a crumb tray and convenient cord storage, it’s easy to stick this appliance neatly in a cabinet. An adjustable dial allows you to select one of six toasting levels or set it somewhere in between. Wide slots accommodate both bread and bagels.

5. Cuisinart Countdown 4-slice Stainless Steel Toaster

cuisinart countdown

If you find yourself waiting impatiently by the toaster for the bread to pop each morning, you’ll appreciate the digital screen on the Cuisinart Countdown. Use it to set the desired toast shade and also to see how much time is left in the cooking process. This four-slice device features two separate controls, so you can toast more than one set of bread at the same time, and each can be done to different specifications. The Cuisinart Countdown also has special settings for defrosting, toasting bagels and reheating.

4. Hamilton Beach Ensemble Extra-wide Slot 2-slice Toaster

hamilton beach ensamble

With wider-than-normal slots, this Hamilton Beach 2-slice Toaster holds both bread and bagels. To keep your cabinets neat, it has a retractable cord. Variable shade settings let you adjust how dark your toast is. If you aren’t quite ready to eat, the warm feature holds your toast in the appliance to keep it warm. Thanks to safety features, this model is a good choice for supervised children who are learning to cook. The Toast Boost feature helps pop your bread higher so the risk of burning fingers on the heating elements is lowered. Plus, the sides of the toaster stay cool during cooking.

3. Vremi Toaster 2-slice

vremi 2 slice toaster

The Vremi Toaster 2-slice packs modern cooking features into a retro design with a sleek appearance. The price on this model is a little higher than on most basic toasters, but plenty of positive user reviews assure that this purchase is worth its price. Variable settings allow you to not only toast your bread to a variety of shades, but they also let you use this appliance for reheating and defrosting. Indicator lights show when the unit is in operation, and crumb trays and anti-jam features keep it in top working order.

2. Cookmate Classic 2-slice Toaster

cookmate classic toaster

Seven settings allow for a range of control over items toasted in the Cookmate Classic 2-slice. Not only can you adjust the lightness or darkness of your bread, but you can also use the settings for defrosting, reheating and bagel toasting. The device toasts bread evenly on both the front and the back. The toaster has wide openings for bread, and a handy lift feature elevates the finished slices away from the toaster’s hot slots. These features lend convenience to this reliable choice. An attractive stainless steel finish blends well with many kitchen decor schemes.

1. Cuisinart CPT-340 Compact Stainless 4-slice Toaster

cuisinart cpt-340 toaster

Whether you have a crowd to feed or just like to prepare a big morning meal, you will appreciate the large capacity of the Cuisinart Compact 4-slice Toaster. This handy appliance features spaces for up to four items at a time, and because the slots are wide, it can handle not only toast but also toaster pastries, bagels and French toast. Six heat settings give users control over the finished product, and reheat and defrost settings make this device versatile. The power cord wraps easily around the bottom of the toaster for storage.

Many modern toasters offer full lineups of handy features, such as adjustable settings and wide openings. Add one of these top models–all known for their good looks and toasting capabilities–to your collection of kitchen appliances. Leave a comment with your top pick, or drop us a note about any favorites that we missed.

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