7 Best Toilet Plungers

If you have been in the embarrassing situation of having a clogged, or even overflowing toilet, you know how useful a toilet plunger can be! For those who are wondering how to efficiently unclog a toilet, we have prepared this guide to the best toilet plunger options out there. The products in our top are selected based on multiple toilet plunger reviews, and have high customer satisfaction scores. You will find plungers that work with all types of toilets, including the low-flush, flat drains and showers.

Testers have ranked them as light-weight, easy-to-use, easy to clean, and suitable for efficient unclogging. You will find modern designs of plungers that are pliable, and do not retain water in the rubber suction cup. The best toilet plunger can also work wonderfully as a gag gift, for those with a good sense of humor. 

Deluxe Toilet Plunger with Holder Concealed Storage Case Works with All Toilets

7. “The Concealed Decorator Plunger” – Deluxe Toilet Plunger with Holder Concealed Storage Case

Measuring 22.5 x 6 x 5.5 inches and weighing just two pounds (holder included), the Concealed Decorator Plunger will serve the needs of anyone self-conscious about their toilet habits. This good toilet plunger has a storage which opens and closes as you pull on the handle.

The case contains any possible odors that might come from the plunger, keeping the bathroom smelling fresh at all times. Its Double Thrust technology allows the Concealed Decorator Plunger to work perfectly with any type of toilet, including the low-flush ones, offering discreet anti-clogging protection at all times. It is very easy to use: just press it down to create suction, and plunge the blockage.



A fully functioning novelty item, the O-Plunger will surely satisfy the needs of anybody that appreciates their daily dose of toilet humor. The plunger was made right here, in the USA, and it features the faces of various politicians.

Suitable for most toilets, this 1.8-pound, fully functioning plunger can be used on most toilets in the country. Even though it isn’t the best toilet plunger out there, it is pretty good according to multiple plunger reviews. If you want to unclog your toilet while practicing your First Amendment, this is the plunger for you.

Standard Force Cup Toilet Plunger

5. Standard Force Cup Toilet Plunger

A classic, the Standard Force Cup Toilet Plunger is a no-nonsense, professional unclogger. This 12-ounce bad boy is exactly what it advertises: pure unclogging power, and simple, undeterred professionalism. This is a very practical toilet plunger without any kitschy or funny elements.

If you are wondering what is the best way to clean a toilet plunger after use, you don’t have to worry too much with this product! The simple design, with no extra flaps, makes it extremely easy to clean. With this cup toilet plunger, you will only need to flush the toilet a few times, and use water to clean it off. You can also add some bleach in the toilet water, then soak, rinse, and air dry it!

Redneck Plunger

4. Redneck Plunger – The Ultimate Gag Gift

Promoted as the perfect gift for father’s day, as the ultimate gag gift, and reported to offer 100% satisfaction, the Redneck Plunger may not be the best toilet plunger in the world, but it rates so high on this list for a reason.

Weighing 2.2 pounds, this novelty toy shotgun is actually a fully functioning toilet plunger. It measures 36 x 9 x 5.5 inches, and it offers surprisingly good unclogging skills. You will have lots of fun while using it, as Redneck makes shotgun sounds while plunging!

Plumb Craft 7505300 Stow-Away Plunger

3. Plumb Craft 7505300 Stow-Away Plunger

This black plunger with a white handle may trick people into thinking it’s just a regular plunger. But you can’t be the third best toilet plunger out there without bringing your A-game. And the fact that it collapses from 18 to 14 inches certainly helps its case.

Measuring 13.5 x 5.5 x 5.8 inches, and weighing 1.6 pounds, the Plumb Craft 7505300 Stow-Away Plunger is very light-weight and is extremely easy-to-use. Despite its small size, it features maximum power plunger cup that guarantees more plunge per push than other plungers on the market. Due to the simple design of the plunger cup, you will clean this plunger after use in no time! Just flush, rinse, and dry! Moreover, you can also use it as a sink plunger, or all-around-home plunger.

G.T. Water Products, Inc. MP200 Master Plunger

2. G.T. Water Products, Inc. MP200 Master Plunger

Offering more plunge per push than any other plungers on the market, the .T. Water Products MP200 Master Plunger works wonderfully on flat drains and showers, drinking fountains and outside drains. You can also use it extremely efficiently on toilets.

Made right here, in the United States of America, this teal beauty has one of the most interesting plunger designs out there. Made out of rubber, weighing 8.8 ounces and measuring 5.5 x 5.5 x 21 inches, this incredibly effective household instrument is well worth its entry as the second best toilet plunger out there. This accordion plunger is incredibly powerful: a simple push will force out anything that may be clogging the passage. It also may be used to unclog other household appliances such as drains or showers.

Ski Pole Plunger

1. Ski Pole Plunger – The Best Toilet Plunger on This List

The Ski Pole Plunger is a fully functioning novelty item that is well worth its price. This timeless, highly functioning piece of décor for your bathroom is a dose of fun to distract from unclogging your toilet.

Weighing 1.3 pounds, and measuring 25.9 x 6 x 6 inches, the Ski Pole Plunger is the best toilet plunger out there for any situation. With its comfortable grip, light weight, and varying ski brands, this particular plunger will fit well in any household – whether of an actual ski aficionado or not. Of course, it can be used on any type of toilet in the country. The classic design, with a rubber cup and a straight handle, makes this plunger use fit not only for toilets, but also for bathtubs, bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Final Word

We hope we’ve managed to help you make the best possible choice regarding your future plunger for toilet. Having a clogged toiled can ruin anyone’s day, so we don’t take best toilet plunger reviews lightly around here. Pair your toilet plunger with the best toilet brushes, for a flawless cleaning. Of course, choosing the best plunger for toilet use can be a personal preference, so many might have other favorite plungers.

Please comment with your favorite toilet plungers and we’ll consider adding them to any future lists. We would also appreciate any opinions you might have on our article!

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