10 Best WiFi Baby Monitors

Purchasing a baby monitor, while not an absolute necessity, can certainly help ease the mind by giving parents a way to check on their newborn’s sleep immediately, even in a larger house. However, choosing the best wifi baby monitor can prove daunting given the sheer number of products out there, especially for new parents. There are three things we consider critical:

  • Sound Quality
  • Video Quality/Connectivity
  • Price

Connectivity and audiovisual quality are often interconnected. Take a look below for our top picks based on these criteria.

10. iBaby Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera

ibaby baby monitor

This a good choice for a value-based model that still has clear, strong sound quality. Simply download the free app, and as long as you have WiFi or 3/4G coverage, you can view and listen in on your baby at any time. As a bonus, the device will play soothing music and sounds to help lull your newborn back to sleep if necessary. It’s easy to use and provides maximum 360 degree coverage.
The downside is that this one is only compatible with other iDevices, so not as universal as we’d like.

9. Withings Home Baby Bundle – Wireless Video Baby Monitor

withings home baby monitor

There are a lot of great features to be had in this model. The video provides crystal clarity and can be customized with zoom,image stabilization and wide angle lenses.
Extras include a two-way speaker for sound quality and motion monitoring if enabled.
Some of the extras don’t function properly for users; air quality and other alerts can often randomly activate at night for no reason. Disconnecting from the network also happens. These things can provide extra stress for new parents.

8. Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Security Camera

nest dropcam baby monitor

Not necessarily exclusive to the market of baby monitors, the Dropcam is nevertheless very popular with many new parents. Excellent video quality thanks in part to new optics systems; up to twice as clear as many competitors.
Use Bluetooth technology or your personal computer to set up the device quickly and easily. Two-way talk functionality has great audio qualities as well. Includes some great extras such as “smart alerts” and night vision, so you can check without turning on the lights.
The price is a bit high, but there are plenty of nice features.

7. Premium Wireless Baby Monitor By ANNKE

annke baby monitor

The Premium model by Annke features very clear two-way sound capabilities for optimal monitoring of your newborn. The built-in camera has crystal clear visuals and an enhanced night time mode so you don’t miss anything. The wireless connection is fast and encrypted to give you an extra layer of security. You can also use the convenient remote to adjust the position of the camera as necessary.
Some users do have issues with picture quality and interference from time to time.

6. Dragon Touch SMART ONE HD 960P Wireless Baby Monitor

dragon touch baby monitor monitor

High-quality HD video is just one of the strong features of this WiFi monitor. Includes a night vision feature for 24/7 surveillance capability. Two-way audio is said to be extremely clear no matter the network, allowing you communication with your newborn from anywhere. Like many, you can rotate the camera as necessary.
Best of all, it works via free apps with any mobile platform. Also, includes email alerts based on various preferences.

5. ComfortCam Pro HD Baby Monitor

comfortcam baby monitor

With the ComfortCam Pro you get clear video and audio in one complete package. You can add up to four different cameras on your screen at once via the handy and free app that works with any mobile device.
Full three-hundred-and-sixty-degree coverage and easy to use controls for pan and tilt functionality. Claims to be the only WiFi monitor that gives you an in-app sound bar while allowing for two-way speaking and alerts.
While there are a lot of nice features here, one big issue we have is the monthly subscription for features such as out-of-home viewing.

4. Motorola MBP36XL Portable Video Baby Monitor

motorola portable baby monitor

A decent model with a competitive price, this WiFi baby monitor from Motorola provides all of the features you would expect. The camera is rechargeable and has standard pan, tilt and zoom features. The microphone is high-sensitivity to ensure strong, clear communication with your infant. Has alert functionality, night vision, and even room temperature display.
It also has a split-screen capability, sold separately.
One issue users report is a certain amount of interference in both video and audio, if it is placed near certain appliances such as microwaves.

3. Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor

infant optics baby monitor

We like this one for its simple, easy-to-use design. Simple, yet packed with excellent features. Night vision kicks in automatically when needed. Excellent HD video playback at thirty frames per second. The auto-mute and white noise cancellation features greatly improve sound quality as well.
For the best performance, it is recommended to keep both parts of the monitor away from other WiFi-enabled devices by at least a few feet.
Users occasionally have issues with the antenna; some have experienced success even overseas, though.

2. HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

hello baby baby monitor

Another winner that features two-way talk back clear audio to ensure that your newborn knows you are there at all times. Ultra-clear HD video via the included miniscreen device provides excellent viewing quality, while you have access to night vision and other handy features.
You’re also free to expand the device to include up to four cameras at once if you so choose. Lullabies play on command to soothe the child. This is a complete system with camera and viewer included.

1. ZEBORA® Baby Monitor

zebora wifi baby monitor

It might not seem exceptional at first glance, but this product from Zebora is easily one of the best WiFi baby monitors out there. For starters, it has a fully controllable camera with pan, tilt and zoom functions, and gives you crystal clear image quality at 960 pixels.
Features standard yet clear two-way audio, night vision, and movement detection. You can lower the resolution for slower networks or spotty connections too. Best of all, you get all of this at a very affordable price point.

Our Summary

It can be hard to know you’re choosing the right products when it comes to your newborn. That’s why we’ve chosen the best WiFi monitors in terms of sound, picture quality, and fast, secure connections to make sure you are never without a way to check on your infant, and they are never without you.

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