10 Best Workout Mats

While it may seem like a simple choice to just buy any generic workout mat, you may be surprised at the sheer number and variety of mats available on the market today. The come in a variety of colors, thicknesses and materials, with some having advantages over others depending on intended use. Still others are better depending on the individual and their body type, and what they may need both for maximum comfort and useability. With all of that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best workout mats on the market, based on uses, features and materials that work best for a variety of consumers.

10. HemingWeigh Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

This particular mat is extra thick at 1/4″ material and extra long at 72″x24″, featuring a durable construction that is latex free.
This mat provides a bit more padding during your workout, and features non slip coverings and is conveniently double sided as well. The moisture resistant surface makes post-workout clean-up simple. The extra padding does mean this mat is somewhat heavier than others on the market, at around 3lbs, which may be a nuisance to some users. Some users also report that it is a bit “soft” for exercises that involve jumping or other movement. Ideal for yoga, Pilates and other stretching exercises, with a limited lifetime warranty.

hemingweigh workout mat

9. Square36 Extra Large Exercise Mat

This mat earns a high place on the list due to its size and versatility. It can be used both with and without shoes, and is designed specifically to withstand heavier, more intense cardio workouts. It can also be used to protect your floors during heavy object workouts. On the downside, it can become slippery when wet as it is not particularly absorbent, and some users complain there is a “factory smell” coming from the mat, though they say this fades over time. It is also a somewhat expensive model relative to others on our list.

square36 workout mat

8. Rubber Cal Recycled Floor Mat

This mat comes in a large variety of available sizes. While the largest sizes can be quite expensive, the smaller sizes designed for individuals or more minimal workout routines are very affordable. One of the biggest pros of this mat is that it is made from fully recycled materials and is very eco-friendly. Another big advantage is the ability of even the smaller mats to deal with shock absorption during your workout routines. Conversely, though, the mat is heavier than most, even at the smaller sizes, and can be difficult to clean.

rubber cal workout mat

7. Pogamat Anti-Tear Workout And Yoga Mat

Another great option that can work well with or without shoes, the other noticeable advantage of this Pogamat is that it resists bunching and rolling during the workout session. This mat excels at staying flat and staying in place regardless of the intensity of your workouts. It can even handle cardio workouts with shoes on. Consumers will also appreciate that it is made from eco-friendly materials. Some cons are that it can get slippery after an intense workout. Although it is twice as thick as regular mats, a few users complain it still is not thick enough.

pogamat workout mat

6. Everlast Folding Mat

A popular Amazon Choice buy, this mat is something different to consider if you actually do prefer a mat that is not absorbent, unlike many of the others on the market. Many users prefer a mat like this because the lack of absorption in the materials makes it easier to clean when finished. It folds quickly and easily and has a built in handle for easy transport.
Again, some users note an initial chemical smell when the item is first put to use, and the lack of absorbent materials means you get a trade off from easy to clean to possibly being slippery during a workout.

everlast workout mat

5. Beachbody Core Comfort Mat

While the Beachbody Core Comfort Mat is made with the patented Beachbody workouts in mind, it can easily be used for any workout routines in your repertoire. It excels at cushioning the wrists, knees and other areas that may get into uncomfortable positions due to your workout. The ribbed exterior also keeps the mat from moving around during high-intensity workouts. It is, however, somewhat shorter than most yoga mats, and contains rubber material which could cause a reaction in some users.

beachbody workout mat

4. IncStores Tatami Foam Tiles

The foam tiles deserve a good spot on our list for the user who needs to do a variety of workout types but knows space is at a premium. Any tile piece can be a border, corner or center piece. This means that you can buy a few tiles and craft the mat that is the ideal size for either your workout routine of the day or your floor space. Unlike many mats, these tiles can absorb a significant amount of shock and are thus ideal not only for running workouts, but martial arts training as well. They do become slippery when wet, and are thus prone to movement during very intense workouts. They can also receive indentations from heavier objects.

incstores workout mat

3. Spoga Premium Extra Thick Mat

The Spoga here is another bestseller and it’s easy to see why. Designed as both a large mat for heavy duty workouts and with comfort in mind, it combines the best of both. It has a smooth and well-made surface that resists the deformity typical of yoga mats in long use. It is listed as non-slip, though a few users do complain of it being slippery.
A few users note that after extended use it can develop holes and changes in texture.

spoga workout mat

2. Stamina Fold-to-Fit Mat

Highly-ranked for a variety of reasons. First, it is a large mat with great versatility, able to be used with regular stretching or intense cardio workouts. It’s also a very durable mat at a very affordable price point, where one might expect the mat to not hold up well, this one seems to. It’s portable and has a non-slip surface. Some users do report that although it is durable, it is also a somewhat flimsy design that can move around a bit.

stamina workout mat

1. ProSource Premium Mat

We’ve chosen the ProSource Premium exercise mat for a top spot as we believe it gives both beginners looking for a first mat, or experienced users looking for a new one, the best value for the money. It is inexpensive, yet professionally made, with high grade materials. It features a durable moisture resistant surface and can cradle the body ideally during any workout. Some users do complain of it being to soft and giving during some workouts, although this does not seem to be relating to rolling or deforming, only firmness.

prosource workout mat

Our Summary

What we have here today is a variety of mats arranged for your convenience to include everything you will need from materials, uses, ease of storage, quality, and value pricing. Whatever your fitness needs, we’re confident we’ve found the right mat for you.

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