Top 9 Best Car Window Shades on Amazon

Despite the fact that we’re heading into fall, it looks like the powerful UV rays of the Sun will choose to stay with us for a while longer. So, for those people who have to spend a lot of time in their cars, we are going to talk about the best car window shades you can find on Amazon.

Our list was compiled based on user reviews, as well as on the products’ individual strengths and follies. This way, you’ll be sure that all of the car window shades on this list were considered to be optimal by thousands of strangers on the internet.

With the sun’s rays being so harmful and full of UV radiation, you will need the best window shades for cars in order to steer clear of any potential harm. We hope that our list of the top nine car window shades you can find on Amazon will prove helpful sometime soon.
Kassa Car Window Sun Shades

9. Car Window Shades – Kassa

These large, foldable sunshades come in a pack of three and are usually available for $20 on Amazon. Normally, the Kassa sun shades wouldn’t be worth their spot on this list of car window shades, but seeing as they are currently on sale for $10, they do deserve your consideration.

Able to eliminate 97% of all UV rays, these car window shades have a UPF of 30+. Measuring sixteen by fourteen inches, these shades can fit almost any car window. One of the shades’ sides is made out of a static cling material, while the other allows high visibility despite its high sun protection factor. Easily attachable and removable, these car window shades might come in handy sooner than you think.

Cozy Greens Car Window Sun Shade

8. Baby Car Sun Shade – Cozy Greens

Usually going for around $28, these Cozy Greens car window shades are currently on sale for $12. Coming in a two-pack, these shades also have a lifetime guarantee. If you feel like you’re not satisfied by these products after purchasing them, you can return them at any time for their full price. Plus, you can rest satisfied knowing that a part of every Cozy Green purchase goes to charity.

Measuring 19 x 12.5 inches, these car window shades are made from the UV Guard Mesh™ material which blocks 98% of all UV rays. They have a UPF higher than 50 and are made out of an extremely lightweight, yet resilient material. The product also comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

ShadeSox Universal Fit Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade

7. Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade – Shade Sox

Available for $20 on Amazon, these car window shades reportedly fit 99% of all types of car windows. Extremely durable, these shades simply pull down over the interior of the door, to a maximum of 44.3 by 20 inches. The whole package is very compact, able to be stored anywhere.

A bundle pack is also available for $6 more, and it offers an extra rear-window car shade. Very easy to install and to take apart, these car window sun shades protect from UV, and reduce heat and sun glare. They also still allow you to roll down your window while they are equipped. As a bonus gift, you will also get an eBook with ten creative ideas to keep your children occupied while you’re driving.

Kinder Fluff 80 GSM Dark Collection Car Window Shade

6. Car Window Shade – Kinder Fluff

Three of these Kinder Fluff car window shades go for around $11 on Amazon. Bigger than usual, they measure 20 x 12 inches, and are able to fit most vehicles. They block about 98% of all UV radiation with their GSM of 80. They are also very portable and easily storable, as the material is also highly flexible.

One of the only issues reported in regards to the Kinder Fluffs is that the protective film can be scratched by mistake if you are not careful during installation. They can be easily installed in a different car, they look stylish, and are very easy to set up.

Enovoe Large Car Sun Shade

5. Large Car Sun Shade – Enovoe

Generally going for $13 to $19 on Amazon, these Enovoe car window shades area guaranteed to keep your kids safe from the sun’s harmful radiation. These screens also come with a free audiobook on how to keep your children safe from the sun, as well as with a lifetime money-back guarantee. A pouch to make them easier to carry and store is also included in the pack.

Measuring 21 x 14 inches, these car window shades are made out of mesh fabric, and guaranteed to block 97% of all harmful radiation. They cling to your windows via static electricity, without using any sort of adhesives or suction cups. This product may not be the best car window shade, but it is up there with the best of them.

Pro Shade Car Windshield Protector

4. Car Windshield Sunshade – Pro Shade

This Pro Shade car window shade is a cover made out of a reflecting fabric. One of the best retractable covers for visors out there, this car window sun shade fits normal and large windshields. It goes for around $15 on Amazon, and comes in two sizes – 57 x 30 inches and 64 x 34 inches. The cover also comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee.

All you have to do in order to use this top-of-the-line car window shade is to place it against the interior of your windshield while open, to position it along the edge so that no part of the window is visible, and then to simply flip down the sun visors so as to keep the sunshade in place.

Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade

3. Shade190T Windshield Sun Shade – Shade-It

Coming in three sizes, medium, large, and extra-large, this particular car window shade is meant for your front window – your windshield. Aside from protection from the sun, this sun shade also offers some measure of privacy. Going for about $15 on Amazon, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a product offering much better protection.

Able to service SUVs, vans, trucks, and cars, the shade folds and twists, offering superior portability and storability. However, they do not fit very well in cars with windshields which exceed 63 x 28 inches. Simple and white, this sun visor can be fitted, as well as customized. It can even be made to have a Star Wars motif.

X-Shade Car Windshield Sunshade

2. Car Windshield Sunshade with Non Slip Mat – X-Shade

The X-Shade car windshield shade is available in four sizes – Jumbo (59 x 31.5 inches) for $13, Grande Jumbo I (63 x 31.5 inches) for $16, Grande Jumbo III (72 x 32.7 inches) for $18, and Extra Grande Jumbo (83 x 40.2 inches) for $27. It is made out of high-quality polyester, so it usually has a very long lifespan.

One of the best car window shades out there, the X-Shade can keep your car cooler in even the most arid environments. It can also protect the inside of your vehicle from the harmful UV radiation.  The only reason this isn’t the number one entry on this list is that the next one is simply superior.

Veneev Car Sun Shade Side Rear Window

1. Side and Rear Window Sun Shade – Veneev

The best car window shades on our list were determined to be these Veneev entries. With a three-pack going for around $12 on Amazon, these superior-quality car window shades have the best quality-to-price ratio on this list. They also received the highest reviews and praises in the comments section of their product page.

With an SPF of 30, these car window shades can keep away 97% of all the sun’s harmful radiation. The $12 pack consists of two 20 x 12-inch side window shades and a 30.3 x 19.6-inch rear window shade. Very light, resilient, and easy to use, these Veneev products are certainly the best car window shades we’ve covered today.

We hope that our list of the best car window shades on Amazon was helpful in assisting you pick the shades best suited to your needs. If you happen not to agree with our list, please leave your comments in the comments section below. Until next time, shop wisely!

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