Top 9 Best Rowing Machine Workouts Reviews

Since we have moved, as species, away from survival and towards comfort, we have been working out less and less. Gyms have appeared as our answer to the dilemma “Now that nothing is trying to kill us, how do we stay fit?”. However, without a plan, gyms could very well be useful. Because of this, today we will talk about the best device you can get for perfect rowing machine workouts.

Perfect for beginners, as well as for long-time gym goers, row machine workouts offer a great deal of benefits to anyone willing to build muscle mass. They also work great for CrossFit, as you can alternate your routine with treadmill cardio and rowing machine workouts to work on your muscles and body, as well as to get some fantastic results.

So, here are the top nine best rowing machine workouts reviews. Did we mention they are also the most financially reasonable options?

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

9. Rowing Machine with Full Motion Arms – Sunny Health and Fitness

Going for $102 on Amazon, this particularly capable fitness machine offers twelve levels of adjustable resistance, as well as full range of movement, being able to offer one of the best rowing machine workouts out there. Both its pedals and its handlebars were fitted with non-slip technology, and combined with the thick, well-padded seat, this machine will offer a superior level of comfort.

The Full Motion tag in this product’s title is not a new concept, as it refers to the full range of movement it offers its users. This way, your workout program will include all of your major muscle groups, – abs, arms, legs, back, glutes, and others – practically allowing you to build muscles as you are losing weight.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

8. Orbital Row Machine with Free Motion Arms – Stamina

Coming equipped with smooth hydraulic cylinder resistance and adjustable tension controls, this is only the first entry Stamina on this list. It goes for $250 on Amazon, and despite the fact that it requires some assembly, the company offers a 5-year warranty on the frame. It offers some of the best rowing machine workouts out there.

Very compact, the machine efficiently mimics the motions of rowing on water. It has a thick, padded seat, which combined with its pivoting foot plates, makes for a comfortable workout. It also has a single-button monitor which can show your speed, time, distance, row count, miles rowed, and calories burned.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

7. Precision Rower – Stamina

One of the most sophisticated entries on this list, the Precision Rower offers some of the best rowing machine workout benefits. The smooth hydraulic cylinder action and the adjustable tension controls are joined by the deluxe rolling system based on ball bearings to offer one of the most precise and directed rowing machine workouts you can find.

It goes for around $195 on Amazon, and it’s worth every penny. It has one of the most advanced fitness monitors, as well as some of the most comfortable padded seats and pivoting footplates you can hope to stumble upon. The device is also quite small, weighing only 47 pounds.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

6. Body Trac Glider Rowing Machine – Stamina

While not as sophisticated as the previous entry, this home rowing machine is one of the sturdiest and most compact out there. Plus, it folds easily, making for a highly storable exercise machine. As for its sturdiness, it is primarily given by the Body Trac Glider’s frame, which is made out of very strong steel.

Going for anywhere between $125 and $140 on Amazon, this piece of machinery offers perhaps the best row machine workout you can hope for from something so small. Its adjustable gas shock resistance makes it a very reliable machine, and its monitor can show the workout’s time, the number of strokes, and the calories burned.

Stamina Air Rower

5. Air Rower – Stamina

Coming in Black and Chrome, the Air Rower is one of the most inventive machines the market has seen recently. Its integrated wind resistance module offers not only a more dynamic workout, but also a good way to heat up less during your weight loss and muscle gain routines. The machine’s frame also comes with a three-year warranty for the producer.

While it usually goes for $400 on Amazon, it is currently on sale, going for only $300. If you’re interested in the product, we suggest you go check it out. It offers not only one of the best rowing machine workouts for men and women alike, but it also offers an increased level of comfort. It is a very safe device, and it can also fold up for storage and has wheels for increased mobility.

Stamina InMotion Rower

4. InMotion Rower – Stamina

This one is yet another item on this list of devices to provide the best rowing machine workouts that is on sale. In fact, the only reason this item is so high on this list is because of its current quality to price ratio. Usually going for $180, the InMotion Rower currently only costs $84. While it should be lower on the list for its simplicity, the huge discount brings this entry a couple of places up.

Extremely easy to store, this rower may not offer the best rowing machine workout out there, but it’s very good at what it does. With five resistance levels, a decently comfortable stitched seat, and pivoting foot plates, the Stamina InMotion Rower is definitely worth its current price.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5606 Elastic Cord Rowing Machine

3. Elastic Cord Rowing Machine – Sunny Health and Fitness

Going for anywhere between $170 and $200 on Amazon, this piece of machinery is most likely going to show you one of the best rowing machine workouts you’ll ever see. Its elastic cord resistance offers four levels of adjustable tension as a result of the device being part of Sunny Health and Fitness’ line of high-quality gym home equipment.

Extremely comfortable with its adjustable foot straps and very big, anti-slip foot pedals, the elastic cord rowing machine is also very easily storable. Plus, it has a very advanced fitness tracking monitor, able to show you your time, burned calories, count and total count, heart rate, and many other pieces of vital information.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

2. Magnetic Rowing Machine

Perhaps the second most advanced piece of technology on this list, the magnetic rowing machines undoubtedly offers one of the best rowing machine workouts you’ll see in any gym. Going for around $250 on Amazon, the only reason this isn’t number one on the list is because of its high price.

Its magnetic tension system offers eight different levels of adjustable resistance, while at the same time, its handlebars, pedals, and seat are provided with some of the most comfortable features out there. Allowing a maximum user weight of 250 lbs., the magnetic rowing machine also has built-in wheels to ease transportation.

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

1. Rowing Machine – Sunny Health and Fitness – One of the Best Rowing Machine Workouts

And here we are. The best rowing machine workout is provided by this simple-looking, yet highly effective piece of machinery. With a very simplistic design and relatively few features, this Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine goes for anywhere between $87 and $110 on Amazon. Still, it was decided by our team that it’s the best budget rowing machine out there.

Unlike its fancier counterparts, the ones using elastic cords or magnetic systems, this simple rowing machines offers twelve different levels of adjustable resistance, a highly performant electronic monitor, and very comfortable seating. While it may not look like much, this device offers the best workout for a budget rowing machine.

You could have heard about it from your friends. You could be unpleased with what your current gym has to offer. Or you could have just seen it in a video. Regardless of the reason you decided you needed the apparatus which can give you one of the best rowing machine workouts out there, we hope we’ve managed to help your searches. Until next time, shop wisely!

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